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Hi Dave, I'm a mobile serial entrepreneur now launching (SaaS mobile commerce solution). I have raised money in the past for other start ups and are not bootstrapping it on my own cause the VCs generated more problems than benefits int he past, so I complete agree with you. But my point is: how do you manage the quickness required for product dev & mktg activites with...the slow fund raising? You can create a viable products in a short time, but it's unlikely that you put it live and get millions people on it. And raising money is a full time job that takes time...even raising small amounts. That is why all innovations (google, FB, Youtube....) all come from the same locations where the "funnel" is working fine. I agree that...smaller investments on metrics and smaller way outs are the future, this stage is easier to create a SaaS viable solution than...having it exploding in the short term. How would you close that gap?
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Aug 4, 2010