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I am a programmer, technical writer, and quality assurance engineer. I have three children and a beautiful wife... And I live in "Defiance," Colorado...
Interests: In no particular order: Fly Fishing, Football (Soccer), raising my children, drawing in pen and ink, being kind, alpine skiing, snowboarding, telemarking, driving the speed limit...
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Clearly, Russell Yates' failure to protect his children from their mother's psychosis resulted in their deaths. Does that make him a murderer? There are two things wrong with this. Russel neither killed nor intended to kill the children. (And I'm not sure the premeditation test applies in Texas...) Is there a lesser charge that could be brought? Maybe involuntary manslaughter, but you'd have to be able to prove recklessness--that in leaving the children at home with mom, dad put the childrens' lives in jeopardy. That would require proof that Russell knew Andrea's psychosis would result in murder. My gut tells me that while Andrea may have had some physical condition that rendered her susceptible to psychosis, something pushed her over the edge. I have my own suspicions about that, but I'll keep them to myself... Cheers,
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Remind me to send you the .bmp that's been on my desktop since 9/11... Cheers,
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2006 on They Don't REMEMBER ... at THE STEEL DEAL
Like I said before, Steel, the worst part about belief is religion... Cheers,
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