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The thing is, this story has changed over several years (it has been written of in the Sondheim Review, and elsewhere). JRB claims now that this was NOT Passion that he saw, yet it was a *new* show in 1993, and apprently was not a preview but was "frozen" as of opening. Which adds up to...nothing. I don't know of any show that fits that criteria. Regardless, I'm a relatively young theatre fan who worships Sondheim. I love Passion, but regardless of whether that was the show, or not, if I was someone hoping to get my own shows seen, and an artists I worshipped "treated" me (JRB's words) to a ticket and then dinner after, I would use the opportunity to try to ask about the creative process. "Why did you..." etc. Not to simply remain silent about the show for 20 minutes and then say that it wasn't good (which is what JRB implies he did). It's not remotely the same as being a paying ticket holder going to the theatre and expressing his disappointment with the show.
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