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I'm a student at Arizona State University, studying Tourism Development Managment. I'm a really outgoing person that loves to be surrounded many different types of people. Love is what makes my world go round!
Interests: reading, dancing, hiking, writing, shopping, working, my friends, movies, country music, traveling, coffee, diet coke, sunshine
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Love this. My first grade teacher did this with us and then had us write us our dreams for our futures out on a piece of paper. Then she had our eigth grade teacher and best friend, have us do the same thing eight years later. She kept all of our parents addresses and made sure to update them and I recieved both lists and dreams for myself at 21 years old this past year. It was beautiful, it was a great to know that some of those people that wrote on my list 15 years ago are still friends of mine and that my dreams for myself have certainly changed since 1st, but i still have the same ambition. How blessed I am to know these things, its a wonderful feeling. Thanks for sharing this story!!! Its one of the best!
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