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thanks for some objective comment on this. most of the critics seem to have experienced some kind of life-changing transcendental out of body experience from standing in front of these big pictures.
Toggle Commented May 7, 2014 on Matisse - Cut Outs at Noisy Decent Graphics
now that is great. there must be posts on it but my theory is that craft beer is an American term that was taken up by one or a few small scale brewers here to differentiate themselves from negative perceptions of "real ale", and that apporach was taken up by others, tipping point etc, and then blogs and comments lie this one.
I recommend a portable Brother label printer for this sort of thing. As recommneded in David Allen's "Getting things done".
Great post. Inspired, in a meeting yesterday I started off by asking colleague to explain the current context and what he wanted to achieve as though he were talking to a small child. 40 minuntes later, we were finished with a clear plan and actions agreed.
Good luck. I will be interested to see your results. Thanks fo rthe tip on London Kerning poster too.
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Oct 2, 2013