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You look great!!! Congratulations. That is a wonderful accomplishment.
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2013 on Many thanks!!! at Cherry House Quilts
You say that litterers are the main reason for plastic bag refuse in creekbeds and other areas. This is sort of true. Many of us are "unintentional" litterers because when we put our garbage out, or place garbage in an open trash can, wind can cause bags to be pulled out. In addition, once your trash goes to the landfill, bags can still come free through various means. The real problem with plastic bags is that they *never* degrade. They will remain plastic bags for hundreds of years. The sheer tonnage of bags will keep increasing our landfills. Many of the bags end up in streams, oceans, rivers, etc. I'm thinking about the portion of the Pacific Ocean that has plastic garbage over an area larger than the state of Texas. We should all be concerned about this type of thing. All that is really needed is that as part of the "use reusable bags" campaign, there is a recommendation to regularly wash your bags. It's not hard.
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Cute bags! They would be fun to give to family and friends. mpustejovsky at gmail dot com.
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Ooh I love the croquet dress. No spoonflower name but email is darktownstrutter at gmail.
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Wow. That is a super generous giveaway. I have a baby girl and I'd love to make something with these fabrics.
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Nov 9, 2011