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Rick Schwartz
Domain name pioneer. Investing and development of Prime Web Addresses
Interests: Success
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Afternoon Folks! As of this moment and over the weekend this blog will finally be moving to the WordPress platform. So may be dark at points in the coming days as we get things set up. Rick Schwartz Continue reading
Morning Folks!! Below are the final list of domains being auctioned today.We accept phone bids, text bids and pre-bids. Just contact Ray Neu. ray at before NOON today west coast time. Someone commented on one of the blogs that he could only find 5% of the domains on the list to bid on. I told that person that a professional investor would focus on that 5%. Don't you WISH you could look at a list of domains and find 5% that you like?? I have had hundreds of thouands of domains submitted to me over the years and I can tell you that 5% is a big number. It's roughly 100x more than the average domain in any list... Continue reading
Morning Folks!! Regardless of the slogan, one thing I can assure you is that what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas and for very good reason. Actually for many reasons. But let's stick to the obvious. The walls talk and your movements are being recorded. Probably the most densely populated camera city on earth and that is before we get to all the cameras that people have with the them. So the days of anonymity especially in Las Vegas are over. But that really is only a sideshow to why the things that happens this week won't be contained to a few hundred but will be open to many millions. Open for weeks, months or even a lifetime.... Continue reading
And John, Here is the list of all words in the english language that ends with pw NONE!
Morning Folks!! You can tell by the comments that there is a lot of mixed emotion on this one. I have yet to sort it out myself because of the "Unique facts". But my job here is to simply publish the results and sometimes some commentary. This one I need to think about. I need to examine the facts closely but this is a decision by a 3 member panel and it is supported with their findings and as you will read below the domain was offered at "no charge, with no strings attached" by the owner. "Complainant is the Honorable Ron Paul of Lake Jackson, Texas, United States of America, represented by LeClairRyan, United States of America." Ron Paul... Continue reading
Evening Folks!! Ever since in 2005, 3.5 hours at the FBI headquarters in Miami, unable to even call my wife, a $2500 legal bill, the Attorney General on TV about this case and one of Ricks Board members actually going to jail for 2 years, plus some personal fallout and more stress than anyone needed, I have shyed away from getting involved in any charities. That said there are two charitable events going on at this moment worthy of your attention. On Elliots Blog there is a charity domain auction in which it states "ALL proceeds will go to the American Red Cross’ Oklahoma City chapter". So be generous with your bidding. More details available here. Next Thursday afternoon... Continue reading
Morning Folks!! The following is the Final Auction List for TRAFFIC Next Week. There will be NO online bidding. But we tried. I explained the reasons on the comment section of this post by Elliot. Below is a note DIRECT from the Bellagio that illustrates my concerns. Even for the most expensive hotel ever built. Now for folks that do not believe that connectivity at hotels is a problem, let me share an email from YESTERDAY from the Bellagio and THEN you MAY understand. "As for the WiFi, we are all set with the SSID and Access Code. I spoke with our IT guys about the importance of delivering a product meeting your expectations, and they gave me a warning... Continue reading
Imagine you own an ice cream store and you only have two flavors. Not vanilla or chocolate which would represent a large chunk of the market. Not Strawberry or Pistachio which would represent even more of the entire market. Now you have accounted for maybe 75% of the entire ice cream market. But you decide on RootBeerBacon and ChiliBarfBagChickenFudge. You find business extremely bad. Every one that comes in and actually buys BARFS! That is the 3 in 1000 that stay and buy after they learn their menu choices don't include anything normal or anything even appealing. They are also the ones that never come back as barfing isn't the best incentive to use and so your audience keeps shrinking from zip to zero. lol Knee Slapper!!
When you focus on an example of being a whore, you have no focus at all. Whore is the shiny object you are distracted by. See, i have been where you are but you have never been to where i am. Do you understand what that means? So i am closer to reality and the common struggle than you give me credit for There is a pathway out but since you are hung up on a WORD......
Posts I make are for those WILLING TO MAKE THE VAULT over struggling and getting too comfortable. There is a PATH and selling too cheap is the WRONG PATH when you are trying to make ends meet.
Excuse me, I am sorry that your only focus is making ends meet. No matter what level we are at that is still the game. However the REASON some have a hard time making ends meet is they give their domains away!!! When you sell a domain for $500 that you should have sold for $50,000, THAT is the REASON your ends don't meet. DUH! So whether it is not knowing the value or are just a lousy sales person or you are just weak kneed or whatever......The point is not sell too cheap. So I have been broke and comfortable so I see it CLEARLY from BOTH sides. Sorry so many just see the one side.
You folks are so hung up on my valuation. It's like you can only follow shny objects. The POINT of is it is a NATURAL domain name with meaning as opposed to MOST that are pigeon shit. VERBS and ADJECTIVES should be the discussion. Selling a domain for $1000 and then seeing it used by GE in a commercial should be the discussion. But I am sure some MORON will tell me he made a killing! The REASON one domain can have GREAT value and one have NO value should be the discussion. Half of you will jump on .crap and put a crappier name in front of it. Shitty.Crap. Which at least has MEANING! If you put Shitty.Crap out there I guarantee it is self explanatory. May not work as well with unrelatedwordsstucktogether.crap
.sy spells and means what? Me on the otherhand is important to everyone. Like in the phrase...."What's in it for me" Me is really important to most people. .sy is important to who? For what? and it means?
Morning Folks!! If you can't handle the truth then stop reading and go buy a comic book. I have stated for years that the bar to entering domaining is very low and when you look at how some look at their business it becomes obvious. Even domain flippers are selling collectible and unique assets with an income producing potential with a global presence. Except many of them don't know it. They think they are selling a PRODUCT they buy for $100 and sell for $200 or $300. They mark it up like inventory. Inventory?? So this caught my eye. "You devalued your domains by offering them everywhere for sale: forums, brokers, flippers, your mom. Hold them locked up like a... Continue reading
Morning Folks!! As reported by last Friday...... Office of Medical & Scientific Justice, Inc. represented by Matthew H. Swyers of The Trademark Company, LLC, Virginia, USA. was just found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) in attempted theft of the domain names and by a one member National Arbitration Forum UDRP decision. So Office of Medical & Scientific Justice, Inc. joins the other GUILTY PARTIES below. Matthew H. Swyers of The Trademark Company, LLC, Virginia, USA should have known better. So as time goes on BOTH the company and the attorney are tagged in this. I BELIEVE that by virtue of these decisions they are CO-CONSPIRATORS. They BOTH engaged in activity that was deemed as hijacking.... Continue reading
Morning Folks!! How can it be?? How does it happen? An industry of such strong willed folks that are also strong doubters in what they themselves do. It is so sad to see folks reacting in a short term manner in what is a life long marathon. There is NO OTHER INDUSTRY ON EARTH with such a low bar to enter and how quickly you can change your destiny. But unfortunately most folks are clueless when it comes to what makes one domain have great value and one that will just rot until you drop. Worse is when I see domains of GREAT VALUE being sold for chump change. So the opportunity is out there. But if you are not... Continue reading
Morning Folks!! And we have a winner!!! Everyone!! T.R.A.F.F.I.C. has invited WaterNight to be the official T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Premiere party on May 30th, 2013. The WaterNight Vegas event announced a few days ago has been moved from May 29th to Thursday May 30th and is now the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. WaterNight Vegas Charity Party sponsored by NameCheap. The venue remains unchanged: PBR Rock Bar! All T.R.A.F.F.I.C. attendees MUST sign up for WaterNight at! Everyone has to be on the guestlist to attend and have a TRAFFIC badge. Get on the guest list now As you know, WaterNight is a fundrasing event for WaterSchool and in an industry first, T.R.A.F.F.I.C. has generously offered to make a donation of $50 to WaterSchool for... Continue reading
Also, we will be announcing that the Water School and TRAFFIC have come out to an amicable agreement on how to handle things and we will be issuing a statement soon.
Donna, it applies to everyone. I put in the "Knowns" because these are people that are known in the industry and CAN AFFORD to pay and do it the right way and CHOOSE not to do that. I realize there are people out there trying to get a leg up on life. I have helped more folks than I can count get into TRAFFIC. When I see passion and desire and a person that needs a break, I give them that break when I can. But when folks that make a good living and can afford to do it right and don't, I just have no sympathy for that whatsoever. That is how I am wired. Can't help it. Don't like leeches. Don't like those that think they are entitled to get something free when others pay. So I hope you understand the difference. Folks that get a benefit and don't pay are scabs. And NOBODY in this industry has reached out more than me and had my hands bitten for doing it. There are only two types of people for me. People that have love in their hearts and those that have hate in their hearts. The haters have gotten a lot of benefits and have no reason to hate. But that is how THEY are wired.
And there is NOBODY that is BANNED from TRAFFIC when they come in the front door. We dropped the invitation only some FIVE YEARS ago and you were never banned then either. So now that is cleared up, I look forward to seeing you at TRAFFIC!
Excuse me Donna but this is bullshit. You are not banned from TRAFFIC nor have you ever been banned! So what is this about? You know you just made this up! Not very cool. Not at all.
Look it comes down to this: Shane Cultra asked if his mother, who has no interest in domains, could attend a T.R.A.F.F.I.C. party, and we said that there would be no charge, because there is no benefit. However, if KNOWN DOMAINERS and KNOWN SPONSORS they MUST have badges as they are receiving a benefit from T.R.A.F.F.I.C. PERIOD!!!!!
Richard, Thanks for the comment. I sent you a detailed response on Facebook just before reading your comment here to clarify our position. The issue is WELL KNOWN domainers and WELL KNOWN sponsors benefiting from TRAFFIC without paying a dime while hundreds of attendees and sposnors did. Your main sponsor is not even registered at TRAFFIC and as I can tell never hosted any TRAFFIC event. My responsibility is to point out which domainers and sponsors have BENT ethics and identify them as being "Cheap" at best to all attendees so they know these folks may be ethically challenged and less than trustworthy and they can choose to ignore what I say or choose to think they are low life scum that are stealing our hard work. In a small industry founded on a handshake, 75% will think this is unacceptable. So the problem would be easily solved by making a TRAFFIC badge a requirement to those type folks I described above. Thanks!