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Beyond frameworks we are also dealing with ideologies. Republicans have adopted a tax cut ideology, not a comprehensive fiscal/tax policy. Rather than recognizing that tax cuts do not yield greater revenues any more (we're on the lower bound of the Laffer Curve), that our current tax rates do not collect the revenue needed to fund the programs we have enacted (as our deficits prove) and the non-military discretionary spending cannot resolve our long-term deficit issues, they dig in and remain intransigent. Similarly, in terms of economic policies, I believe many adopt a single school of thought, be it monetarism or Keynesianism, and refuse to deviate from the principles of those philosophies, even when the data suggest a different policy course. Basically, the normative determinations have been set in stone, thus preventing policymakers from acknowledging the alternatives that might prove more effective in a given circumstance.
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Aug 29, 2011