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I am a pastor. I waited tables through both college and seminary. Average Christians are average tippers. After church Christians are below average tippers. While in seminary, everyone I worked with (at the restaurant) knew I was on staff at a church and in seminary. They'd regularly come to me with the various tracts they got rather than quality tips. I'd apologize, as that's about all I could do. But the reality was that after church Christian tips were sub-par, and those who leave tracts were the absolute worst. I'd guess tract tables averaged less than 5% on tips - where my average ran 15-18% most days. So while there isn't hard data, just spend a few Sundays in a restaurant talking to the service staff and you'll have no doubts. Shame on you cheap Christians.
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I got to meet Bob a couple of weeks ago and he really does "get it". Was a blessing to learn from him, started reading his blog thereafter, and indeed it is chock full of goodies.
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Will do. Thanks for the reference.
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It's a good article, with much to chew on. I don't have answers, just a few thoughts. I think the difference in our cultures impacts this in significant ways - or at least it does in my small Southern Minnesota town anyhow. Fewer than 30% of the people in my town are in church on Sunday, but a vast majority of them would associate themselves with a church and the Christian faith. While the root problems between the cultures are the same, I think how we connect to our culture (or again, at least in my case) is a little bit different than where Paul was finding success. What I'm not saying is what Paul was doing wouldn't work here, but it would certainly take some thinking through and possibly re-working to make it a better fit. I do know some guys doing street corner evangelism in the Twin Cities who are doing some of these things, though not full time since they have jobs. All 3 are indeed unmarried.
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"Big Chris" is me. Not sure why I was still logged into Typepad. Chris Meirose @MrCLM
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Chris Meirose @MrCLM 43 books I have 34 on my desk (not counting 2 Moleskins) and Keller wrote 2 of those 34.
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Feb 17, 2011