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May 4, 2010
More music availability means, for me, the McDonald-ization of quality sound and artistic expression. What I mean is... McDonalds used to be the family restaurant spot in the 80's. Until it blew up, got popular, and went global. Suddenly chicken McNuggets are available across the street from the Sake Bar and the Big Buddha in Japan. Does that mean the samurai are going to get down and grub on some crappy excuse for fried meat? NO! The Bushido code. I'm an artist, and I've grown immensely over the last ten years of performance. With that, my tastes have changed drastically as I refined my ear and my appreciation for sound. I didn't get an mp3 online until last october, and the version online is the chicken McNugget version of the actual song that those who know me have heard since its inception four years ago. BUT! That lone upload through Tunecore proliferated my music, my name, etc etc, to a hell of a lot of people. It got my foot in the door, and that's all it needed to do. Do you think I complained when Xmas itunes sales were at 18 downloads and I realized 95% of people I knew hadn't bothered to shell out 99 cents for my song? NO! I took my earnings, ate a good damn meal, and kept writing more music. And the whole thing gave me more songwriting material anyways. The returns for an individual independent artist are ridiculously good if you have a quality product. And by quality I mean it doesn't sound like 99.9% of everything else and it doesn't squeeze itself into one cookie cutter shaped genre that a big label has generated to promote its corporate interests. I wouldn't feel like a genuine artist with integrity if I didn't have to scrounge for change to get a refill on my slurpee just to get home and have a nice after dinner treat/caffeine rush so I could work for six hours on music, publishing, video, and the like. I couldn't live with myself, and I'd probably be in a cubicle instead of a silk bathrobe with simpsons pj bottoms on typing this before I fall asleep in my own bed. I don't have much, but what I do have is worth more than having much, because I earned it with my own blood, sweat, tears, lactic acid buildup, and wallet. Thank you, and may the fourth be with you...always.
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May 4, 2010