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Virtual World Technology Specialist
Interests: second life, virtual worlds, city planning, green energy, blue mars, metaverse
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I think it is about public perception.
Did you notice the break down is from 2006? Still very helpful. I wonder if they have made any changes in practice.
"We're not ready for that yet," Is dubious too. What we really want to know if someone at the lab is actively pursuing server side rendering. Is somebody working on it?
How come you both have the same firstname? I doubt passing money back and forth between alts makes any significant difference. It is not like people would do that for their amusement. It would be pretty tedious.
This is probably the best video showing of this technology that I have seen. Which is important to explain it the user.
If it is written in HTML 5 it would still need to compute on your physical device, it would need lots of memory, a graphics processor with all the latetst features, etc. The point is not only that it is on the web, but that all computing is done on the server, and then streamed as a interactive video stream. That stream could then potentiality be embedded in html5, of course. Tada we have SL on the web, with web on a prim in SL which play SL on the web, in infinity.
Blue Mars has already experimented with it too. "lag free" depends on how you define it. What you get on the client is a video stream that you can interact with like it is the game/program itself. But because it is a video stream, there is some delay in interaction. All depending on your available bandwidth. Such a delay would not be a problem for SL or Blue Mars which are more social places, where twitch razor sharp responses are hardly needed. So yes, a service like this, would be excellent for Second Life and Blue Mars. It will not only bring them to mobile clients, but also to other less powerful mainstream clients, like a 5 year old pc. Most people don't have a system to run everything with the highest graphics settings, with a service like this, people would be able to experience SL and 3D games on the maximum eye candy settings. I don't see insurmountable hurdles on getting SL on such a system, they would need to be able to run the client and have it connect to the LL services. If LL was smart they would make a deal with such a service to have a big pipe open between the LL backend and the service, so the world would load as fast as possible. And give premium accounts a discount to the cloud service. One thing that LL might have to focus on is making the Client rock-solid, so it wouldn't crash. And there would need to be a path to reboot the client if it did. But that is something the Cloud services have to consider for all games too. Extra super duper bonus you get from this, is that through this there would be far less vectors of possibility to pirate any content. You don't have any of the 3D models and textures locally. I can see a platform like this become the distribution platform of choice for 3D games/programs, etc.
I was surprised about this too. I tweeted, plurked, etc, about it, but it got hardly comments from anyone, which is even more puzzling. It is like the community doesn't care about it any more. Maybe there will be a delayed response.
Hamlet, I'm not saying if it is fair use or not. Yes it does clear up any questions that could arise from the content used. It is good that LL made a decision here. I'm also not saying that having to ask permission is bad. LL is making a separation of location and content. What I'm saying is that the EFF blog post is just not correct. The article implies that you can film machinima in all public locations, unless they say No. That is not true, you will have to ask permission from the land estate owner first. The EFF post is oversimplifying things, and grouping Snapshot and Machinima together. While LL purposely made the rules for Snapshot and Machinima different. Snapshots are always allowed, unless told differently. Machinima is always disallowed, unless told different.
Hamlet, you are skipping over section 14 which states: The following additional terms and policies are incorporated by reference in and made part of this Agreement, and provide additional terms, conditions and guidelines regarding the Service. Underneath that is a whole list of extra documents, that are now part of the agreement. The snapshot and machinima policy is part of that.
Oops, I quoted the same section twice. I apologize. What the ToS does say, is that if you make content, it can be used in a machinima. Which is something different, it doesn't mean you can record machinima where ever you want, as the snapshot and machinima policy clarifies.
Ugh this story keeps being pushed, what she says is not correct at all. She says: The new Snapshot and Machinima Content License grants Linden Lab and other users of Second Life a license to use “in snapshots and machinima your Content that is displayed in-World in publicly accessible areas of the Service.” This makes you think you can shoot machinima in every normally reachable public place. But that is not at all what the TOS States. Quote from ToS: "For Machinima, check whether the covenant for the land allows machinima. If it does not or doesn’t address machinima, then you need special permission from the land owner to capture machinima. If it allows machinima, then you do not need special permission from the land owner as long as you comply with any terms that may be in the covenant." For Machinima, check whether the covenant for the land allows machinima. If it does not or doesn’t address machinima, then you need special permission from the land owner to capture machinima. If it allows machinima, then you do not need special permission from the land owner as long as you comply with any terms that may be in the covenant. Which means you have to ask permission first in most cases. I don't think that is a big issue. For a professional, you work for clients who have given you permission. For the amateur it might be a hurdle. It would be helpful if there was a checkbox that would say, I Allow Machinima. The ToS doesn't seem trendsetting at all, you can't film unless you have permission. That is how it is everywhere already. Link to the Snapshot and machinima policy
Another important feature imo, is that inworld groups should be able to easily create avatar united group and those be linked. This will create the opportunity to have notices and group event listings on a dedicated group page, which people can point too. For bonus point a life chat option that hooks into the inworld group chat. Of course this would need to respect private group rules, and privacy settings. Like a private groups AU page would only be seen by verified group members.
You can't chat in Farmville. ;) Farmville is just a stupid app ontop of facebook. Farmville is like Sion Chickens or Ozimals, pointless but entertaining to some. You can totally ignore both.
It still lacks the capability to have easy conversations like Facebook. Which is key if Avatars United wants to have a modicum of success. In FB you can comment on what other people's status message. This lacks in AU, the only quick way to say something to a other, is to shout. But there is nothing that ties shouts together as a thread or conversation. It is just a list of shout and status updates. No conversation that you can follow and join in. The only place where you can have a conversation is in the group forums. But those seem to lack any notification ability. Thus you have no idea if there was a update. So yes, the Avatar verification is great. But to really have success they now have to work on ways to easily talk to each other. Not just shouting at random in the dark. -Frans Charming.