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This is likely either obvious, or redundant, but a follow up on the last comment by William A. Roper, Jr., may be in order, particularly for any newcomers in "foreclosure land." "MERS NEVER OWNS OR HAS AN ECONOMIC INTEREST IN THE NOTE!" Yes! Yes! Yes! And further it is not possible for a party to CONVEY something, or an interest in something, it does not itself have. No interest in the note = no interest to be conveyed. I also want to re-stress the importance of the Appellant's Brief in the MERS v Neb. Dept of Banking. It is unfathomable that MERS is able to prevail IN ANY CASE with the statements against interest contained in that brief!!
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2010 on MERS: Symptom or Cause at Credit Slips
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Nov 9, 2010