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Kaltixi, Does anyone have information on the communication collars (for lack of a better word) used by the characters? I can't seem to find anything. :) Thanks. Continue reading
Posted Jan 9, 2010 at AVATAR
Slightpepper, I see you. I completely understand your frame of mind in the original post - as well as the change to where you want to see it tomorrow. I've been wary of seeing it too many times, though I have seen it three times, because I've never experienced anything like Avatar. that extent, Avatar is the first film that I've ever seen in theaters 3 times, and also the only film I've seen 3 times in 3 weeks. ...Naturally, due to my response, I want to make sure that the experience that was so incredible, wonderful, inspiring, and so forth the first few times would remain as such in the future. Upon viewing it the third time, I found the experience to be even more gripping, moving, inspiring, and so forth. So now, like you, I can't wait to see it again - I'd go tomorrow if I could. :) ...but, with that in mind I'm not going to force the issue of seeing it again quickly, I'm going to do my best to be patient and allow myself time to really appreciate what I experienced and felt after the first three times. I honestly think you'll love it again. :) ...and as Tawtaronyu says, it's "Definetely worth seeing at least twice."
Eywa Ngahu to you as well.
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2010 on Eywa Ngahu. at AVATAR
Good night.
Eywa Ngahu.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
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Good night, Steve. Take care.
Feeling sick + an early morning and long day of singing tomorrow = no more posting tonight Granted, with the horrifically long post I made earlier, perhaps I've said enough for today... Good night\morning everyone, take care. :) Continue reading
Posted Jan 8, 2010 at AVATAR
McSnuggles has it all sorted out. :P
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2010 on Anyone got sequel ideas? at AVATAR
It's possible that the Na'vi closer to the poles, if there are any, have developed thicker skin, or perhaps even fur. Though, given their love for life, biology, etc, they might prefer to avoid the often barren (in comparison to the forests, grasslands, etc) poles.
Very well written post, thank you for sharing. It's great to read posts that tackle what some may see as issues of the film, and then debunk those possible issues by providing thought out and personally relevant (to the post-writter) evidence. I see you.
I was tempted to not leave my seat ...ever.. I saw the film today, because I knew that there was another showing of Avatar coming right up. Sadly, I had no ticket and I had to go anyways. ...I'll just have to impatiently wait until next week to see it again.
Hmm I just voted 12 times.... :)
Hmm, come to think about it.. One larger story spread out, with one "substory" being covered in each film, does sound somewhat more appealing than a bunch of other separate stories. But... I'm sure that Cameron knows what he's doing.
@ T. Katz, That's a good point. Her emotions are very raw and real... I definitely cried a bit with her. @ Derrek, Haha, yea it turned out to be longer than I thought. I didn't notice the length until Nick pointed it out. But, I'm glad that you thought it was great. :) ..and you're definitely right about Neytiri - Ahh, what a woman she is!
It's been said before, and I'll say it again: James Cameron knows how to make a sequel. ...Furthermore, clearly JC knows how to make an EPIC film. I think it's in his nature to put as much into his films as humanly possible. Although Titanic has its shortcomings in my opinion, it's still a well done and largely followed film (as is evident by its numbers). Terminator 2 was THE best of the franchise (the others had moments, but were pretty lacking overall, for me anyway). Aliens was THE best of the franchise (insert the same note as above). Aside from that, I imagine that Cameron puts a great deal of himself into his work. Knowing the success that's he had in the past I'm sure that he's proud of what's he's done, and would like to be proud of his future endeavours. Obviously, when you've had success in the past, you want to deliver again. ...Delivering a total flop would not only hurt is image as a top-notch director, it would also probably hurt him personally. So, I suggest that Avatar 2 will blow the socks off everyone. :) ...and it may even be epic enough to topple the records that the current Avatar is going to make. Cameron has my trust - I believe that he will deliver again.
I see both sides of the coin here... Having two sequels that are directly linked via a single storyline would leave more room to expand and explore the story, rather than condense it into one film's worth of time. And also, if that's the case, they may do a LOTR style approach and shoot both sequels at once, thereby allowing a quicker release of the third film. On the other hand... having separate stories would allow for telling stories in a much more freeing way- a modular approach, in a sense. The issues of the second film would be mostly resolved, allowing for some closure, but leaving room for questions and expansion. Personally, I don't care how they do it, as long as they stay true to what they've established in Avatar already. ...Plus, Neytiri needs to, and Jake should, survive through all the films related to this era of the Na'vi. :) ...of course if JC makes 3 or 4 sequels, there may come a time when we enter a new era of the Na'vi and Pandora, many years past the current film.. but even if that many sequels do come, I hope that Jake and Neytiri still have prominent roles.
I'm going to try and actually incorporate it into my life, whereby, I not only see people with my eyes, but I also acknowledge who they are. Jeremy Taronyu Unilä, you're right. "Love" has a lot of different meanings... there were actually three (I think) words for "love" in Greek (or Latin, or another language, I can't recall) prior to English turning the word into an all in one type thing.
Thanks, Nick. You made a great point about Jake's dream. That reminds me of when he says "I'm not much of a horse guy, but this... I was made for this".
Hah, great mind think alike, Ollie. I see you.
Also, thanks to Nick.. I forgot the flight scene. Haha.. Clearly I'm distracted and overwhelmed by the film's grand and epic scale.... @ Ollie, Thanks! Just doing my part for the community. :)
Both of those are amazing. I also love "Climbing Up "Iknimaya" - The Path To Heaven" ... it has that sense of adventure and wonder that we all know and love about Avatar. ...and "Becoming One Of "The People" / Becoming One With Neytiri" is also very moving. Ahh, the entire score and soundtrack are both amazing. :)
Thanks to Nick, I realize that I forgot to mention the kiss.