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Dear SolidWorks, my name is Mikael Ericsson, 34 years old, born and raised in Stockholm Sweden. I started using SolidWorks when I was 20 years old back in 1997. I'm applying for this contest because I'm, according to Mattias Robertsson at SW Corp. is "A great ambassador for SW" and I want to continue spreading the benefits with working in SW. You could say that it was a lucky shot, choosing SolidWorks. Back at that time, very few knew much about it. It didn't have many functions and was quite hard to draw advanced designs in. I tried some advanced surfacing as early as 1998, around the Ericsson R310 cellular components and accessories, and that was some serious lofting I tell you. I spent almost 400 hours on a single car holder! During the years, SolidWorks has developed in a furiously rapid speed and have become one of the big players and a standard solution in the professional industry, driven by development. During this time I have grown along with SW and have spent approximately 10.000 hours behind this software. I few years later we started Top Notch Design AB,, where I'm the CEO and Chief of Design today. Our business idea is to make all the design and plastic construction in SW and every product is created in SW. We try to use all of what SW have to offer while designing products. We use it for every design surface, mechanical function, PCB layout, sheet metal, FEM analysis, render and more. During my six years in the company, we have designed many crazy things created in SW. In 2008 I was using SW live in Swedish Television, developing products in three of the ten episodes long "72 Hour Race" production. I have also helped, in Sweden spreading the word of SW through live demonstrations at various Design Schools and in 2009 I was the main speaker at SolidEngineers annual Customer forum in the topic "Making design surfaces in SW". I try hard to evoke the Swedish Industry to upgrade their often old CAD systems and speak about the market advantages with a esthetic and practical design in a product. While being a big fan of surface modeling, I would like to see Charles Culp and Mark Biasotti. I think I have seen all of the surface tricks and tips on the web by these two, and it would be great to meet them in person. It would be exciting to share experiences and talk about future functions in SolidWorks. I especially want to attend the sessions that touches Circuit Works and the integration between the CAD model, the PCB and the Electric CAD software, where there still are HUGE problems in the development process. All the best! / Mike
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Dec 14, 2011