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Mar 15, 2010
Paul, "Special" relates to the notion that only those with the title or credentials for EA should do what is in the EA bucket. If we want the organization to be effective with strategic analysis then we must incorporate this into the organizational DNA. Strategic analysis may be part of the practice of EA, but it is an error to suggest that only those with the EA title (or an EA certification) should conduct strategic analysis. On the contrary, this must become an organizational capability and EA practitioners need to help everyone in the organization improve the capability and the consistency of the result. I would like to see wide-spread consideration of dependencies -- not just see one person or a small team examining them. This is why I strongly disagree with you --EA is a discipline. This is one of the central problems with pursuing EA, and for that matter SOA and BPM. People do not recognize that they are disciplines. Organizations adopt disciplines and people adopt approaches. Organizations commit to improving planning, optimization and design by assuring the analysis of dependencies, implications, and constraints. They incorporate the skills to do this into a variety of roles and processes. They focus on improving the discipline and reaping the benefits of it over time. People advance their ability to perform their role by looking for approaches that provide a particular result. These approaches can and should increase in sophistication over time (the proper level to address maturity). Processes, methodologies, and analysis techniques are examples of approaches. If people do not look at EA, BPM, SOA and other similar "lifestyle changes" as a discipline, then they will never achieve systemic behavior change -- which is a primary goal. The ultimate goal is to improve business outcomes and to influence better decision-making. You can't do that without thinking organizationally. This is why the EA community needs to realize that their audience is not just the people that identify themselves as an "EA" but also people with titles like CFO, Business Strategist, Marketing VP and others too numerous to list. I also disagree that thinking about EA as a discipline is equal to marginalizing EA. Developing a cloistered view of EA is much more responsible for marginalization. Jdietzgen, I believe that short-sightedness is one symptom that the organization has not adopted the discipline.
Cheryl, Thank you for the clarification. It is good to see that IT is a partner and advocate for you. Mike