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can't understand why SDF is still thinking of elections. REDICULOUS REDICULOUS!!! This is not the party that will save cameroon as we thought. After mass rigging by the CPDM they still believe to grasp something from the 5 remaining constituincies. This party has no hopes for cameroon as well as CPDM. I can't immagine the SG of SDF wants to go in for another elections. I think its time for us to stand up and fight against CPDM and SDF. Believe me all these people are there for personal interest. The whole world descibe the twin elections as a night mare but SDF seem to be satisfy with the supreme court ruling. How Mr Fru Ndi. you and your exco are just like Mr Paul and his idiots. What do u think you are doing to this country? fixing it or making it a home for cowards to live in. God help us Southern Cameroonians