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In 20 years, Broadway will still be much the same as we know it. Those that are still around will still be longing for the shows of "the golden age". Only now, they will be talking about Wicked instead of West Side Story. People will mourn for the long ago time when seats were ONLY $100. Many will still be predicting that Broadway is soon to be dead. However, there will always be younger kids in some small town who discover their parents' dusty show albums (mp3s?) and realize that the sound of an Overture's downbeat can inspire magic and signal the start of a new life
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I wholeheartedly agree. If the people doing the nominating feel that more shows deserve recognition, then let them do it. We all know that concessions are made every year with regards to other categories and producers of shows NOT nominated are always looking for ways to get their shows featured... Brilliant idea
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Feb 15, 2010