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-Music playing: "Battle Hymn of the Republic"- V/O - TED KENNEDY: My fellow Massachushians, it is I, your beloved Uncle Teddy! I have been so disturbed by recent events, I have returned from the grave to implore you to save my senate seat, yes I said MY senate seat, not yours... MINE... it took me nearly 47 years to perfect the ass groove in that leather, and I'll be damned... well... let's just say I'll be damned all over again... if I let that Rethuglican, Scott Brown, anywhere near it! You know what this little punk wants to do? Kill my health care bill! Kill MY health care bill??? The Socialist dream legacy I spent 4 decades trying unsuccessfully to shove down the throats of the American people??? You ungrateful little bastards!!! You can't do this to me, people! I've got a reputation to uphold down here! It's all about me, not YOU... ME!!! So, this Tuesday, stick a clothespin on your damned little peon noses, march your worthless little peon butts to the polls, and send that broad... whatsername... to the Senate so I can quit rolling over in my grave and go back to committing unspeakable acts on Satan's nether-regions! Otherwise, I'll be back to haunt your sorry asses forever! Oh, and Chris... Chris Dodd? I'll be seeing you real soon, my friend... REAL soon! -End music- V/O - SATANIC SOUNDING BACKWARD-MASKED MESSAGE: Your Senator sucks back scotch in Hell! V/O - ANNOUNCER: The Demonic Senatorial Campaign Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
Merry Christmas, "Giacomo!" Hope all is well with you and your family this Holiday Season. God bless.
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