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I completely agree about telling your kids to not ruin it for others. My children wouldn't dream of hurting another person in any way so to them it was never an option to spill the beans to classmates.
Whether you chose to do Santa or not, back up your decision. We decided early on to not do Santa, and caught flack from everyone, including my in-laws. We had to defend our stance over and over again to almost every family member. I wouldn't change our stance at all, we are who we are by what happens in our lives. Our kids are raised in a very honesty above all policy and are happy. It doesn't matter what you choose, just stick to your guns. The less back and forth, the better. And to those who say telling the truth about Santa kills the imagination of a child haven't met my kids. My son constantly tells me about his fights with alligators and having to swing across giant lava rivers to get away from them...Didn't even know he knew about lava.
My oldest daughter is nicknamed Sassy for a reason. When she was 3, my husband and I made a conscious decision to tell the truth about Santa after the following conversation. "Mommy, why do I be good for Santa?" "Because Santa only brings good children gifts." "Dats a wie (lie) mommy. Untle Michael is bad but he gets peasants (sp)." "......" Busted. Also got busted on the tooth fairy because a vague conversation with her when she was 4 about fairies not being real. So when she was 7, and on her 5th tooth to come out she 'fessed up and told me she knew I was the Tooth Fairy because of (entire fairies not being real story). I can't believe she remembered the entire thing! "......." Kids should not be allowed to remember stuff so vividly.
My son (who turns 6 today) woke up at the crack of dawn to make sure he got to watch me bake ice cream cone cupcakes for his class. For whatever reason, instead of the cupcake rising, it pooled down the side of the cone and baked. I was distraught (obviously) because I would have to run to the store, buy more cones and batter and start all over, the kids would be late to school, I would be late to work, he won't hear his name on the morning announcements, etc, and just when I had worked myself up to the point of crying, he exclaims with wonder, "Mommy, they melted just like ice cream! Its butterful (sic) You make the bess (sic) cupcakes ever." Way to put a positive spin on a negative and make mommy stop freaking out! I lurve that kid!
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Tweeted it.
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Let's see, I have two. There was the time my then 4 year old daughter decided she wanted to "help" me do dishes so she put liquid dishwashing soap in the dish washer. I saw the dish washer closed (and being a single mom at the time, thought I had already put soap in) so I started it. Youngest was taking a nap and my daughter was coloring quietly so I decided to "close my eyes" on the couch. 30 minutes later I get woken up to the wettest, coldest, bubbly hug ever, and FREAKED OUT! Bubbles had overtaken my small kitchen and my daughter then played in it and carried them all over the apartment. Such a wet mess. Then there was the time when I answered the door to Jehovah's Witnesses and heard giggling behind me. I turned and saw tiny white footprints all over my rug and hardwood floors. After slamming the door in the Witness's faces (sorry) I followed the prints to their room and found they made "snow" with not one, not two, but three huge bottles of baby powder. It took me a month to get it all up and make sure the floors weren't slick. I also fell about a dozen times because of it and sprained my ankle. I've used a vacuum/steam mop before (I borrowed from a friend) and love them. And this will come in handy since my vacuum has decided it doesn't want to suck anymore but instead it wants to be awesome. I told it it was awesomely sucky for crapping out on me.
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Is anyone else as curious as I am to hear the rest of this story?
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Another tip to get hair like that without having to flat iron the top is to use a scrunchie. (Yeah I know. Do you remember those things??) Wash your hair before you go to bed, twist it into a bun and use the scrunchie to secure. Take it out right before you go to work, spray with hairspray and maybe use a little bit of anti frizz serum and there you go. Works best with longer hair.
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Great! I have two kids (girl-7 and boy-5) The biggest difference between them is how they respond to, "What are you doing?" Daughter - "Nothing" (Except digging thru your purse, makeup, perfume, and any other mommy things to put on, try on, mess up in the name of trying to be like mommy.) Son - "Digging in your purse for space pennies (what he used to call nickels but now refers to all coins as) so I can buy a toy." (Really??!!) 1. At least he's honest. 2. I didn't know we were going to the store to get toys. 3. Don't get the change out of my purse, there's alot in there and I use it to treat myself (the horror, the horror) to a small cappuccino from the gas station so I don't go crazy in Houston (TX) traffic. I once counted out $15 in quarters from my purse at Fudruckers so they could play on various useless video games and get various useless toys that I will throw away as soon as we get home. Yay life!
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I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I start my day with you, my Coke (soda not drug lol), and the quietness of an empty office. At least its quiet until I burst out laughing. Its nice to read about someone else's kid issues and laugh. As opposed to my own. For an example, look at my twitter post from this morning where I swear I woke up a zombie.
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