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Actually, I heard that pretty soon, CalEPA isn't going to be regulating cars at all. Because the federal government is already doing a great job making cars run clean in areas where the air has suffered in the past, and this push to classify carbon dioxide as a pollutant is extremely harmful to the working class americans who depend on clean, reliable fossil fuels to live and work. In the 1970s and 1980s, CalEPA was a beacon of hope for the future - mandating the catalytic converter before the federal government, banning lead before the federal government, and generally helping clean the poisons out of the environment. That battle has been fought and won. Instead of declaring victory, the people of California are instead being held hostage to mission creep as CalEPA continues to try to justify its existence. This needs to end. There is no benefit to the environment of Californians when CO2 emissions are regulated. The air Californians breath is no cleaner as a result of CO2 regulations. Stop putting the interests of the globalists and rich electric car owners ahead of the working people who depend upon California's clean burning gasoline vehicles and roads to make an honest living.
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Sep 17, 2019