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Number Fan
Short Keyword Domain Names Rock!
Interests: we're fans of numbers, crossover domains and 1-dash and 1-dial domains formatted like phone numbers. use a phone keypad to spell your message. made ya look-
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Nov 5, 2020
Everyone knows what a shorcut is......but it's not obvious that some domains can have inherent features that increase value. "Call us. We answer the phone." These clever keyword combo business/domain names designed to say, "Call us. We answer the phone."... Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010
At Numbers That Work, we engineered an April Fools Day spoof on Fox and Friends Steve Doocy, Author of 'Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook' book and blamed it on Brian Kilmeade. Of course all efforts to contact Fox & Friends failed but it was fun. It's not immediately obvious what the joke is but here's a brief description: The numbers in the domain spell Mister Happy on a phone keypad; thus Brian is able to say he has Steve's number. The domain is being used as a forwarder to "The Hamster Dance Website." (forwarding should be disabled soon) Our Numbers That Work TypePad weblog is about using numbers in domains to connect with mobile surfers.
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