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What a unique sounding game...I know a gal here that would love this game!!!
Gals here would love this app!
Would love an ipad version of this. App looks great for creativity!
My favorite subject in school was English.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2012 on Today's Giveaway: Fractions at Smart Apps For Kids
Would love an ipad copy of this app for homeschooler here.
Would be great for preschoolers here.
Would be an awesome edition to our homeschooling!
On my wish list!!
app looks so useful! Hope to get to use it soon!!
So many apps so little time! Toddlers here enjoy injini and bugs and buttons, older gal likes word wizard. Word wizard one we use alot! Who knew spelling could be so much fun! Love putting in our own words and lists. Our last list is where we live...put in our planet, continent, country, statem city...makes it even more of a great learning experience!
So many great classics to love...Heidi, Tom Sawyer, pooh ect...a very old book called little brown ko ko always comes to mind. Not even sure if spelled correctly. I just remember reading it over and over as a child at my grandparents home! Ah memories!
YoGabbaGabba, Dora, Jacks big music box, any nursery ryhmes!
Have to say Sesame...with kids daily...what can I say :}
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2011 on Explore Vincent GIVEAWAY! at Smart Apps For Kids
Would love the prek one!! Two young ones here would benifit now, and two more younger ones in the future!
planning on peeking in when I can!!
EAHLE4EMLF6Y thank you!
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Snakes! Do not like snakes at all!!
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2011 on Open Wide Snap GIVEAWAY! at Smart Apps For Kids
Do re ME! Would love a code!!!
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Would love the secomd grade one!
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Boo would be a great addition to our digital library!
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Looks like a great educational book. Science type apps are hard to find, would love this!
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looks very cute, would love a copy!
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I actually read reviews on anything over 99cents. I will pay more if a decent app I know will be used by multiple children here. The most expensive app I have bought was 24.99.
Wow awesome! Sent an e-mail. I know a few toddlers here that will love this app!!
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2011 on Toddler Stamps WINNERS! at Smart Apps For Kids