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I agree with Josh on the fact that information overload plays a large part in widening the gap. Generation Y has access to exponentially more information than the Boomers. I think the family dynamic also contributes. Boomers grew up in a culture that valued family time where it was normal for generations to share stories and experiences. Largely due to advances in technology, Generation Y grew up in a time where it’s normal to be texting and surfing the web while in the same room as family and friends. While Boomers value history, Generation Y is more interested in the future than the past. Rather than learning about the past that helped create their present, Generation Y prefers focusing on the future. While Generation Y’s obsession on innovation is leading to advances that never seemed possible to the Boomers, I think it is important for a generation to be as equally interested in the past so they can make better decisions about the future. Unfortunately, I believe the gap will only widen as new technology is introduced, and information overload continues to make it difficult to sift through which places, peoples and things are worth passing on.
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1) "The West Wing" This was the most influential show for me because it turned me onto writing and wanting to work in public relations. After religiously watching every episode, I wanted to someday work in a fast paced environment and create campaigns that would someday influence the way others thought. 2)"The Carol Burnett Show" I would watch it with my grandparents when I visited them, and it taught me to not take life so seriously. I also think Carol Burnett was a stand-up woman that has no parallel on television today. 3) "The Office" I have to agree with Ellie.I was shocked to see it didn't make the list. It brilliantly captures the office atmosphere. I love it. 4) "Mary Tyler Moore Show" A young, single woman dealing with work and life...Do I need to explain this one? 5)"Modern Family" Sometimes I am surprised by the issues this show gets away with addressing on television. They are able to tackle major issues in society with humor. As Ellie says, it doesn't necessarily solve the problems, but it does shed light on them.
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Mar 30, 2011