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If I'm reading too much into it, then why did Tom-ass read it exactly the same way I did, with simlar reaction, before you convinced him otherwise? And thanks for the sensitive responses to my post. You know, I'm aware this is just a dumb dickjoke blog, but it helps if you can get the joke right.
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I had to resurrect some dorky typepad ID just so I could post on here about this. I’ve been following the blog all last year, and used to post as Samantha. Since the registering it got too cumbersome so I stopped. But I haven’t stopped reading. Brilliant posts, all of them, witty and pitch-perfect. The photos are smoldering and in good taste. This rape post though, none of that. I don’t buy this as a story of a girl sneaking her boyfriend in through a bedroom window. A large man “calmly entering” a locked home in the middle of the night is not mischievously sneaking in. “Harrowing” sounds are not the sounds of ecstasy. Being “vaginally mauled” is not the same as giving your coochie a workout. And nobody’s coochie needs to be “torn away.” I don’t even buy that she’s 18. When the writer puts “of age” in brackets….he means biologically of age, not legally of age. He means puberty. He means Thirteen. It would be nice if you would remove the post, or change it.
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Do I have to use this crappy typepad account? Why can't I register with the website directly??? I can't use my fins nation name!
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