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"until very recently, the vast majority of contemporary political philosophers were largely clueless about demographics, political economy, education, or military affairs--it didn't matter, they thought." This is why I turned down Goldfarb's offer of admission to the graduate program in Philosophy at Harvard to study political science. Of course, if I had read any Cavell (not that he knew any of these things) then everything would have been different.
Excellent. However, as a political theorist, one needs to be open to the possibility that, as Calvin Coolidge said, "there is no progress beyond the Constitution of the United States," that the experiments in postconstitutional or global governance have been not just failures, but failed attempts to regress from the democratic nation-state. I note that Trump's policy views bear a greater resemblance to Coolidge than do those of any Republican candidate since).
My take on these questions, from 1999
1. To call the Arabs "natives" is already to beg important questions concerning the justice of Zionism. 2. The Zionism that triumphed in 1948 does not rest its claim on the fact that the Jews were persecuted, as you state in an earlier post, but on the fact that the Jews are a people distinct from all others with the same claim as others to self-determination, and that have inalienable rights in the land of Israel (see the first few paragraphs of Israel’s Declaration of Independence ). 3. One cannot, on secular liberal principles, persuade people to risk their lives for the rights of others, even their fellow citizens.. This, and not residual antisemitism, is why the Fifth French Republic has failed to protect French Jews, just as the Fourth Republic failed to protect Algerian Jews and Algerian secularized Muslims (and the Third Republic failed to defend France in 1940). Secular liberal selfishness did in the dream of “cosmopolitan, law-governed multi-ethnic empires” you refer to in an earlier post. No "Dei Gratia Rex Imperator", no cosmopolitan law-governed multi-national empire. 4. One cannot even persuade secular liberals to have enough children to sustain their societies over time -- so even homogeneous secular liberal societies will dwindle and become extinct, or cease to be homogenous and cease to be homogeneously liberal. 5. For the reasons I give under 3 and 4, all realistic political projects, and not just Zionism, are in tension with secular liberalism, or must rest partly on foundations which are not secular and perhaps not liberal. 6. Genuine liberals in Israel are few and far between. The ones I have run into, like Moshe Berent of the Open University, tend to be irredentist on Judea and Samaria, just as French Fourth Republic liberals were irredentist on Algeria: It is not so easy, on liberal principles, to justify handing over a couple of million people to Islamist or semi-Islamist tyranny -- actual Israeli doves are almost all of them Jewish chauvinists like Yossi Beilin or supporters of Palestinian nationalism like Ilan Pappe.
Plato doesn't develop a sustained critique of slavery because he is not opposed to slavery. Plato (and Aristotle) think freedom is valuable only insofar as one is wise enough to use it well; see Vlastos's brilliant early paper "Slavery in Plato's Thought," I have touched on the devaluing of freedom in Plato, Aristotle, and their heirs in "Education after Freedom" (early version ; published version in ); and in "Time and Judgment in Demosthenes' De Corona" ( )
I have found that a good way to test any general claim in the philosophy of science is to try to apply it to comparative philology, "the only exact science in the humanities."
In my experience, it is not all that hard to publish anti-feminist work on gender, and my first book was pushed through at Cambridge U.P. because the editor saw it as anti-feminist (it is not, at least compared with my later stuff). Stuff "debunking the claims of critical race theory" might have a harder time because it is likely derivative of shoddy work. Write a solid _racist_ paper that nobody can see how to bust and you will get into Ethics! As for getting a job... (Disclaimer: I am in a Political Science department)
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Why should we believe that life has an origin?
THE AER study showed that high prestige authors from high prestige institutions had a relative advantage in double blind reviewing. And that was before Google. If this fact were known, one would expect those who were not such stars to prefer to submit to journals that did not use double-blind or triple-blind reviewing.
"The United States has a tendency to turn the governments of small- to medium-sized oil-rich countries into unstable dictatorships." --no cases of this that I can think of. The Shah's Iran was not a dictatorship, and Libya was not unstable and not transformed into a dictatorship by the US. Iraq, which was unstable, was also not transformed into a dictatorship by the US. The US is five times the size in population of the largest well-functioning welfare state (France), and 14 times the size of the largest well functioning federal (as against unitary) welfare state. So if tax-paid healthcare, gay marriage, and free abortion on demand through the third trimester and the principal ends of good government, why should the US stay together.
Spontaneous generation is common sense. Scientific biology has shown that all life comes from life.
"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam." -- Barack Hussein Obama, 25 September 2012.
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