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Hi Barbara, I like the description of "the face" it was my greatest enemy for a long time. I think what helps with Option people is that there's never "the face" because there's no pre-judment of who we are and what we say so you relax and your ideas flow a bit more easy. They are there, we do know what to say but it's like a slower processor that needs complete ease to pick up info in files further hidden in the brain. "The face" acts like a "firewall" and we can not process any thoughts leaving us with nothing to say. One think I first did writting down then it became mental work and faster and faster almost to the point that nowadays nobody notices I am Asperger's or maybe I am not anymore? is that I "collect" peoples likes, dislikes and subjects throught the day. Everyone I meet I study, what do they like, what do they like doing, what is happening in their lives? A bit like when you have a new relationship, you take interesting in the person with love. Then throuhout the day I collect subjects to talk about with that person, oh I can talk about this with Becky, I can talk about this with Carolina, even if I won't see them but whenever I do I always have a grab bag of subjects to pick from, a bit like the games in the playroom. Once that becomes automatic you realize that's what typical people actually do but don't even take notice, it's subconcious to them, it comes naturally to them. Wishing you success with your recovery, one day we will meet and have a long conversation with no "faces" Lots of love, Simone xx
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Apr 24, 2010