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The Germans themselves were using ethanol as a rocket fuel back during World War II - the V-2 was powered by ethanol and liquid oxygen. I'm not sure what is really new here.
I have to wonder how much range they gained by developing a new version of Bluetooth...twenty feet? Fifty? I can't imagine it was worth the cost.
It's all part of the plan. People are much easier to control when the state is in charge of their transportation.
This article makes it sound as though EGR valves in gasoline engines are a new thing. My 34 year old gasoline-powered F-150 has an EGR valve.
This is great, I would love to see more small and midsized trucks with diesel engines. If my F-150 ever passes away, this would be high on my list to replace it with.
Of course, nobody who wants an SUV, an F-150, or a Ram would ever consider an Astra, so why waste time fantasizing about how much gas could be saved if they did? Much better to fantasize about ways to make large, desirable vehicles more efficient to begin with.
I predict the pipeline will be approved sometime between June and September of 2014, in an attempt to improve the Democrats' grim electoral prospects in November.
The potential of the technology is fantastic. But...knowing what we do about how much the government (and others) abuses information, who will really want their cars advertising that much information about where they are and what they're doing? People are already up in arms at the prospect of mileage-based taxation for just this reason. Me, I will be sticking with my 35 year old, non-automated non-electronic truck until they completely prohibit it.
Two YouTube videos and a website I've never heard of? If that's all you've got, you might want to reconsider your position. Not that it matters...we've already passed 'peak panic', and we're on the downslope now. Australia has already called shenanigans on the whole affair, and I imagine the rest of the world will be following shortly. You guys had a good scam going, you just couldn't seal the deal before reality tripped you up. Better luck next time.
Of course there's year to year variation. But the trend was always to be inexorably upward, which is not what we're seeing now. The scientific community has already acknowledged this reality, why are you still trying to deny it?
'Debunked'? Hardly. Remember, these scientists assured us *repeatedly* that surface temperatures were just going to get warmer and warmer, without end. The science was 'settled', remember? And now that surface temperatures are *not* increasing as predicted (the passages you quote mention this several times, so let's not pretend that it isn't so), they've been casting around for a new place to hide the heat, and they've settled on the ocean, which has somehow magically increased its heat absorption at the expense of the atmosphere? Let's face it...they don't know what the hell they're doing, and they've been lying to us all along trying to convince us that they do. Like many liars they've been tripped up by reality...and it is bound to happen again.
'Increasing rate of climate change'? I'm guessing you've missed the news about the 'pause' is actually slowing down. It is in fact likely to be cyclic in nature, meaning that the Arctic will be increasingly cold over the next couple of decades - I wouldn't bet a cent on the North Pole being ice-free for extended periods any time soon.
We are supposed to trust government-funded reports that advocate giving ever greater regulatory authority to governments, are we not? So why not accept industry-funded reports the same way?
Diesel engines in this kind of application are pretty commonplace. The bigger problem is the combination of the Chrysler and Fiat organizations, neither of which is particularly known for quality.
I'm not surprised to see Atlanta as #3...I live in the 'burbs north of the city, and Leafs are no longer a remarkable sight here - there are far more of them than Volts, from what I can see.
The price isn't bad...if they could get the range up to about 160 miles on a full charge, I would actually consider this.
I guess Solyndra and all the other green parasites have drained the existing slush fund, and new sources of nourishment are needed. Let's hope Congress passes on this.
No doubt self-driving systems will come with an off switch. Let's hope so. Self-driving cars are a great idea, and I can imagine many situations where I would like to have one. But I can also imagine many situations where I would not want one, so I will want to be able to deactivate the system at those times.
This certainly meets all my requirements for an EV - I need 150mi unrecharged range, and this car seems to have it. much will it cost?
This is why I will stick with my 1980 F-150...not only does it not have electronic nannies watching my every move, it barely has electricity.
Just the opposite, I'd think. If I'm going to have yet another electronic nanny watching over me, I might as well make use of it and have some fun. It'll save me, right?
I just wish there were diesel choices in the small pickup truck market; I'd love something like a Tacoma with a diesel!
Is it? The people don't want to pay ridiculous prices for energy...if you listen closely, you'll hear them say so in November. There's no reason for the military to do so, either. R&D is fine - and this bill still permits that. But buying alternative fuels for multiples of the price of regular fuels is just stupid. Get those green fuels down to a competitive price, and let's talk.
The Democrats have done a fine job of emabarassing themselves on the green front, what with all of the money they've blown on green boondoggles. No Republicans required.
If EVs would sell here at $8/gal, why don't they sell elsewhere at that price?