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"substantial part of the productivity difference between the US and Canada is due to higher levels of self-employment in Canada." Self-employment in the US is either a very risky proposition (go without health care coverage) or a very ruinous one. Fewer and fewer people pick either of these poisons. Inquiring minds would love to get a link to this Globe & Mail article Determinant mentioned above (wink! wink!)
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Comparing goods with people? Prof Rogoff's argument is unbearably weak here. The only thing strong here is his prejudice against government intervention to attenuate vast income inequalities. I wish he would've been more honest, straightforward and just plainly said so. Oh well!
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Apparently, those who have a job cannot think farther than the tip of their noses. There is no way on Earth the deficit will be reduced if between 10 - 17% of the working population don't pay taxes because they are long term unemployed. In other words, the solution to the budget deficit is to increase revenues by fostering job growth (spare me the Let's Cut Taxes BS PLEASE!!) so that the tax base is bigger. Otherwise tax the wealthy into oblivion, which, as we all know, doesn't work very well anyway.
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Cue in the GOP trolls...
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2011 on "Media-Perpetuated Tax Myths" at Economist's View
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One blogger dude that would need to read your post twice or thrice is Mish Shedlock. He's become completely psycho when it comes to unions and government workers. Just like John Mauldin when it comes to tax cuts; can't reason clearly anymore when the topic comes up. Sad!
No cost controls will ever work in the US before a change in health care related cultural beliefs occurs. Said beliefs just run contrary to the wealth of knowledge provided by evidence-based medicine. "[...] there is a fundamental disconnect between the central tenets of evidence-based health care and the knowledge, values, and beliefs held by many consumers. For health care experts, variation—in quality among health care providers, the evidence base regarding therapies, and the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of treatment options—is a well-established fact of the health care delivery system, documented extensively in the published literature and well understood after years of careful study. Yet such concepts are unfamiliar to many Americans and may even seem threatening, to the extent that they raise unwelcome questions about the quality of medical care that people receive. The majority of consumers believe that all care meets minimal quality standards, that more care means higher quality care, that newer care is better care, that treatments costing less are inferior, and that medical guidelines "represent an inflexible, bargain-basement approach to treating unique individuals."" As for the insurance companies, only the recent HC reform may save them from the death spiral they're in right now.
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As long as corporate executives do not fear the perp walk, nothing will change. It's that simple!
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2010 on Corporate Rotten Eggs at Economist's View
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