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Interests: golf, cooking, filmmaking, basketball, postmodern christianity
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Randy, I'm sticking with my theory about the angels, that is what it felt like.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2013 on Wild Goose 2013 at The Lingering Lemon of Death
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2013 on Wild Goose 2013 at The Lingering Lemon of Death
yup, the weakness of the word emergence is what it suggests about everything that happened until the brilliant moment of emergence. the world was just waiting for us to get it right and throw off the chains of stupidity and EMERGE! i'd dodge that by saying that the good emergence is not this one, but the one which has been, and always will be happening. emergence is not my particular ecclesiology or theology. but the space where we expect christianity to be a self renewing, always somewhat surprising expression of goodness. and i like what anthony said a lot also.
You found it, thanks!
because i keep hearing "nanowrimo" every time i try to write "napowrimo" and i never noticed i was doing it until now .... doh!
iOS 4.2, which ships in the next few days, is multi-tasking, but this is old school multi tasking, where you need to switch between apps. it makes things better, but doesn't make things good ( in my non humble opinion ) if i wanted a small laptop, and i had cash, i'd get an 11" macbook air. it is small, and it works. netbooks are small, and almost work ( i also did a netbook experiment, which i didn't write up )
Yup, and that "just enough computer for on the go" is one of the cool things the iPad does. The RSS app that I like best is "Reeder", and it will sync read/unread status with Google reader, so you can switch back and forth, and might make the font problem less bad.
I guess I need more education in the Calvinist perspective. So it goes, if I am willing to admit that apart from God I am in total depravity, I get Jesus and I can buy as many things with my shiny iPad as I want? Hmm, wonder if that is a good trade. I sure would like to be a beloved part of a beautiful creation, but then I wouldn't get an iPad ...
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Mar 15, 2010
that is beautiful and cool. i almost hear you, i we don't give the natives a voice, if they are just objects, then yes, it is a beautiful myth, a warning of what will happen if we don't let ourselves be changed, about the power to repent and seek redemption, about courage, about resistance. i wonder how redemptive that myth is if you identify as a native person. yes you get to see the bad guys lose. but you also have to let the invader be the messiah and hero and you get to be the sidekick. it is a story about how the colonizer become even more whole and powerful by adding your diversity to their collective strength. it is a 300 million guilt-offset purchase for the sins of colonialism. that's my snark for the day. i really like your reading of the myth too, i like the idea that this is something that is trying to get out, since we keep doing it over and over again.
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