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I currently own five devices which can stream Netflix: PS3, Xbox 360, Panasonic DMP-BDT110, TiVo Series3 and this PC, which is connected to the same AVR and 46" 1080p LCD panel as the others. I also tested the Roku XD a couple of months ago (I was looking for an Amazon Prime streamer and chose the BDT110 over it). Right now, feature-wise, the PS3 comes first, with support for 1080p streams, 5.1 sound and close-captions; the BDT110 is second, with support for everything except 1080p (only the PS3 among the stuff I tried can get the 1080p streams--I've tested by measuring bandwidth consumed; I suspect that Sony has some kind of timed exclusive on that). The PC supports closed captions, but none of the others can do any of it. I like the Xbox's GUI the best; I have the same "Netflix 3.0" interface on the PS3 and BDT110, which is okay, but not particularly inspired. The TiVo is the worst. It was the second embedded Netflix streamer (I think) after Roku, and they haven't changed its interface since it appeared in November 2008--lackluster graphics and layout, no browsing at all and no (obvious) way to search. I'd love to check out ATV2 and Boxee Box, but I don't need either. By the way, I collected some data on bandwidth usage of these streamers (how I'm certain that, among the devices I've tested, only the PS3 can get the 1080p streams). Anyone interested can see some of that in the following posts at AVS Forum: (I actually took a full set of data on all six devices streaming the same film from Netflix, Amazon, VUDU and Zune--Netflix on all, the rest on the device which support them. One of these days I'm going to get around to posting that stuff). I've also been maintaining a list of Netflix streams with 5.1 sound in the following thread (a couple of months out of date--sorry):
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Jun 1, 2011