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I agree how many questions can one reporter ask about college soccer.
so true..but there are still going to be haters
Unfortunately we don't have any youngsters at CB who are going to be upgrades. It could be back to back WC's with no CB depth. Hopefully someone emerges by 2014
It was good win for Mexico, and will make us look better when we finish 1st in qualifying. Whether we like it or not the better Mexico is the better we will be and vice versa.
That is funny considering it was 200 hundred years ago that we invaded Canada and started the war of 1812
Reminds me of the time Lichaj shut down Bale, it's only one game.
Lichaj's play in the EPL imo has shown that he is ready to play in the first round of qualifiers. We are defitnately good enough to integrate a future RB at this point. and I suspect JK would have if Lichaj had cracked AV line up a bit sooner.
Dempsey was also very effective and Torres played well. Thought for sure Dempsey would replace Edu not Torres
1st Highlight of the evening? consecutive National Anthems based on England beat downs.
one day the NYRB will look back and wonder why they didn't trade the coach.
Toggle Commented May 18, 2012 on Soler: Agudelo pushed for trade at Soccer By Ives
a couple of three things 1.we have Stevo 2. we have Lichaj 3. We have Josh Gatt and Chandler will be there in the end
Looks like we could finish 2nd in group and have to beat Mexico to qualify..not good not good at all
I agree..however he is the same age as Gyau and Agedulo. If not for alot of MF depth I might have had a look
Move Bardley to the middle and put Gatt where you had Bradley
At the rate he's going he will be ready to make the next move in 2 years
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2012 on Altidore scores again for AZ at Soccer By Ives
Coming bck to MLS would be a huge mistake. He needs to stay in Europe and continue to compete for PT. I know some coaches had opined on his training habits but based on his improved play I would not but him in the category as Adu or Johnson. Honestly without seeing him on a daily to weekly basis how can anyone truely know if he's working hard or not. Maybe it's me, but Jozy strikes me as a fairly mature person with a laid back personality which can be mistaking for " lazy or carefree."
arguably the worst sports town in America
Agree, but if JK moved Chandler to RM we could begin to see Eric Lichaj at RB. Dolo is 33 and is starting to break down. The mid filed could be getting crowded when you also have Torres and Holden.
From what I've heard / read is that the goalie deflected the ball causing it to hit the post ... Because of the deflection there is merit for it being counted
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2012 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
JK seems to see himself in a much bigger picture i.e. the guy who created and made American football whereas Jose sees himself as a GREAT coach. nevertheless ego's would prevent such an idea
Maybe it was Cabrera's decision. He's already proven himself with the US-17's. He cetainly could earn more and further his career as the Director of a DA academy or in another position.
Dillon Powers...there's a guy who missed the boat. Wonder if he regrets staying in school
1st game..he took a PK he didn't earn, but later scored a goal on his own.
A lot of people are down on Gale, but in his current situation I think his game will improve and he will re-emerge as one of the top CB,s. The talent is there no question about it. In the German - system i.e. JK I could see Gil playing behind LLetget in a 4-3-3. Gil as a DM - play maker and LLetget as the AM
considering how JK wants them to play from the back I am surprised that Williams didn't start as a center back.