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Valerie, great post. I know I'm guilty of having the tools but not communicating effectively. I have also noticed that many social media 'strategists' focus on the tools rather than the business goals of the enterprise. The result is a brand attempting to create communication channels focused on shiny toys and not on conversation. Or on individuals who become great at using toys but terrible at interacting with people 'on the ground'.
Practically speaking, strategy allows the organisation to frame the context within which the CRM is being implemented; what business goals does the program enable and what needs to change for the program to work. Without strategy in place FIRST, it becomes difficult for a CRM or sCRM project to 'take'. Because sometimes technology does trigger the cultural change, 'decoupling' certain portions of the social CRM can be very helpful. Like the contact center using Twitter and GetSatisfaction. The next step becomes how to integrate these 'natural' tools with the enterprise apps the business relies on and isn't willing to upgrade to '2.0' versions. The cultural change happens but the management will to invest further is left lagging behind, usually because ROI in the traditional sense could not be demonstrated. But even introducing these 'decoupled' or unbundled technologies when rolling out the program may not trigger cultural transformation. As Munish asks, does the company then dump the program and find something else to do? Like Frank at Comcast, is it possible to still use the tools and let management call them what they want (PR instead of CRM) until the transformation does happen? Sounds sneaky doesn't it :)?
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Mar 23, 2010