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Out of all of the worthy heroes listed on the CNN website, I believe that the person most deserving of the top spot is 54 year old Robin Lim. In her home country of Indonesia, the people face a plight whenever a new child is born into their family: not... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2011 at Preston Viveiros's blog
That's a pretty impressive doll, I never knew such a thing existed O_O. In any case, that does sound like something that would hold one's interest for awhile. You're right when you point out the fact that because of all the growing that this doll did and the talking and walking, it wasn't a "doll" in the literal sense but more of a simulation of what it would be like to have a baby (many little girls' dream apparently); I can see why it was your favorite toy. I like the message inspired by your love for the doll even though it was heavy, uncomfortable to cuddle with, you still enjoying it more than any of your other toys because of the simulation it provided you with. You were using your mind to find fun instead of taking the doll at face value and measuring its worth that way.
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2011 on My Favorite Childhood Toy at Alex Marceau's blog
When i was a child, my favorite toy (or rather "toys") would without a doubt have to be my collection of small action figures. However, I didn't simply play with them in their designed roles. Action figures that represented a character from a certain TV show were not used as... Continue reading
Posted Feb 17, 2011 at Preston Viveiros's blog
You make a great arguement here. I completely agree that college sports should only be played by those who deserve to play it through BOTH their academic and athletic skills. If you can't keep up with the academics then you don't belong in college sports. If you really want to not have to do any kind of educational work in your life besides throwing a football then don't go to college and wait with your fingers crossed for the NFL to draft you. Don't waste your time and ours by going to college and pretending you know what you're talking about by cheating your way through it. You're right though, athletes should definately have to always keep up their grades to be able to play sports. We don't want legions of idiot athletes in the world. If their sports career doesn't follow through then at least they will then have an educational background to fall back on. Besides, the chances of being drafted into the NFL (or any other sports organization) and making a career out of sports is quite slim. The athletes of the world would be much better off simply having a proper education along with their athletic skills.
The fact that colleges are even considering allowing people to enroll there simply because of their athletic prowess alone frightens me. If this is allowed to pass, and we no longer base college acceptance on academic skill, then I fear for the future of our country. Colleges should be the... Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2011 at Preston Viveiros's blog
You have a great point Aaron; the photos that some people put on facebook can be quite damaging to your chances at a respectable job opportunity. I mean, what preschool would hire you as a teacher after they check your facebook profile and the first thing they are greeting with is a photo of you saying something "gangsta" and pegging double middle fingers at the screen. I've seen some pretty terrible facebook photos that could ruin someone once they try to pass themselves off as a "respectable adult". You're correct in your statement that facebook is a great tool for keeping in touch with others and enhancing friendships, but it is so frequently abused that it leaves some people to wonder whether or not the tool is being used mostly by those who would use it correctly, or if a majority of the users are abusing it for their own personal reasons.
Facebook can be a great tool for enhancing the interactions we have with our friends throughout our lives. It provides us with a way to keep in contact with our friends when it is impossible to physically “see” them in person, makes keeping in touch over vacations or summers quite... Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2011 at Preston Viveiros's blog
People have been saying consistently over the years that barbie acts as a negative role model for both our young boys and girls, however parents keep buying them for their children. Why? If these dolls are such bad roll models then why do parents keep shelling out the money to... Continue reading
Posted Dec 21, 2010 at Preston Viveiros's blog
Dear Troops, Hello, you don't know me, but my name is Preston Viveiros. I am currently writing this letter to provide some measure of support for you all out there in the Middle Eastern battlefields. I am not really sure what help I can provide for you, but I hope... Continue reading
Posted Dec 9, 2010 at Preston Viveiros's blog
You are one hundred percent correct. I completely agree when you say that we should be taught more in depth about the actual process of applying to college. It all seemed a bit much that we were suddenly asked to go through this convoluted process without any prior knowledge of what we were getting in to. It would have eased the "pain" so much more if we were taught this ahead of time. Working with credit cards, loans, and bills is definately another thing that worries me about adult life; if we were taught about these things it would really help to make our lives easier. You are again correct when you say that most of the fancy information that we are taught does not have any real world application for us. Sure it would help us greatly if that was the career we wished to enter, and it would help us become more educated, but for the "simple" and "mundane" tasks of bills, loans, banks, and every day life, it would not help us out at all. Overall, your ideas are good. I completely agree with everything you're saying. We really should be taught these necessary skills.
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2010 on LIFE 101 at Victoria Clithero's blog
A Life 101 sounds a bit rediculous simply looking at the title, however I can honestly say that such a class would actually come in handy for high school students as they begin to enter the adult world. Even though most of us are going to be entering college... Continue reading
Posted Dec 3, 2010 at Preston Viveiros's blog
I completely, one hundred percent, agree with you on this one. These people saying that we are nearing some kind of literary apocalypse are clearly overreacting and beginning to see "spectres" of literacy issues that have to do with texting and instant messaging. They begin to relate issues that have absolutely nothing to do with this new trend and peg it as so. You have a good point when you say that using "textese" gives us a faster way to communicate and even requires that people know what the original words are so that they can understand and invent shortcuts to bypass them.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2010 on Text Messaging and IMing at Victoria Clithero's blog
These articles seem to all point toward the ultimate realization that the current boom in texting and instant messaging popular will lead to an inevitable decrease in the literary prowess among the youth in our country. Some believe that the popularity and apparent “ease” of using this newly dubbed “textese”... Continue reading
Posted Nov 22, 2010 at Preston Viveiros's blog
I suppose that cheating in schools has become somewhat of an epidemic...according to one of the sources provided for this topic, ninety percent of students in a single school are cheating or have cheated at one point in their high school careers. To be completely honest, I don’t find this... Continue reading
Posted Nov 18, 2010 at Preston Viveiros's blog
Not a bad post :D. I can definately agree with the fact that passing through our senior year is the most important thing to focus one. All that college planning and effort will go to waste if we never get our diplomas in the first place. It can definately be stressful to have to deal with so much at one time, but just take things day by day and you'll do fine. If you focus too much on the mammoth task ahead of you then you'll lose sight of what's going on in the here and now. Try not to worry so much; I know it's almost impossible to do, but give it your best shot. You're right though, you definately don't want to turn into one of those people that goes into college not having a clue about what you want to do. ;P At least you're secure in your Vet/Psychiatrist/Surgeon field. Go through the pros and cons of each field and try to pick the one that not only will pay well, but also help you keep your sanity day after day. A great paying job will do you no good in life if you hate every second of it. Personal happiness comes before money after all :) In any case, I hope you find your niche and stick with it till the end ;) Best Wishes, Preston
What do I want to accomplishduring my senior year? Well, first and foremost I would definitelylike to get through high school. I know it sounds simple, but the task of making sure I keep my grades up to par this year is my priority as far as school-based concerns go.... Continue reading
Posted Nov 4, 2010 at Preston Viveiros's blog
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