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Exactly what we need! A simple vision for improvement. More posts like this!!
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2010 on Experiments in simplification at Junk Charts
I'm selling aerospace Leadership...transformed... Energized...Multiplied. I'm not selling decisions but Leadership--not data but Information--not analytics but Insight. Thanks for another Inspirational post and podcast, Kevin! God bless, Mark
Awesome article. J. Collins points out in Built to Last that visionary companies have and stick to a core ideology. That really resonates with your thoughts here, Kevin. So here is my (Mark Jones Jr) list (with commentary): -Vision (Mine is this: someday I will stand before Christ and give an account of my talents...and I want to hear Him say well done, thou good and faithful servant.) -Leadership (especially of my family) -Accountability -Relationships (this is one of our most valuable talents-especially with my wife, children, and other leaders) Math and flying (these two of my passions are probably my other two primary talents) Equipping (transferring my skills and knowledge to serve and help others)
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Oct 22, 2010