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Thanks for giving me the heads up about "The Lost Kingdom" .... I may not have found it if you hadn't mentioned it on Facebook!
Lol ... thank you :). I hope you have a good one too.
Sorry for late response. Don't worry - I have similar problems keeping up to date with blog reading!! Yes - I'm enjoying The Other Queen for much the same reasons as you. Still listening to it. I love audiowork because I don't seem to be able to sit still for too long. sadly my hip and knee joints don't like sitting either and I take a while to straighten up. I have to keep walking and on the move ..... feel as if I need Dorothy from Wizard of Oz) with Tin Man's oil can to lubricate my knees!!!!
Meant to add that Mr M is in 100% agreement with you about the deletion of the tweets. He feels that if you start a conversation, you need to be prepared for potential criticism and to discuss/argue the point. (I'm not so good at this .... I'm more of a retreater)
Yes - as seen in my lack of activity on this blog I've found it hard to maintain enthusiasm and ideas. Was discussing with Mr M yesterday ... when I became part of the fanbase in 2007/8, there was s sense of fun and I guess, excitement at discovering new work. Those of us on IMDb at the time (prior to trolls) were being idiots most of the time - Guy of Gisborne bore the brunt of our jokes. 2008/9 came the dreaded "Do actors need fans?" thread over there. It was a reaction to the publicity articles for Spooks Series 7 and the comments made by Richard Armitage about the fans and the 'weird' presents they gave him. The media articles, we thought, made the fanbase out as an embarrassment to Richard. I wonder if some of those media comments would be tolerated by the fans of 2018? The IMDb posters spoke out, the message from August 2009 was published and the Armitage Protection Fan Forces came down heavily on the IMDb posters for upsetting him. The poster who contacted his agent was bullied to the point of having to terminate her accounts. We were all defending the fans in that thread, ffs!!! I digress ... as you or one of your commenters stated on the blog recently, have we progressed from the early days in terms of APM? I thought I was pushing it by just stating that I found him hard to understand in Berlin Station. This tendency to jump on anything that could be remotely construed as criticism of Richard certainly dampens my enthusiasm to write anything but inane comments. I hope things improve for you in 2019. Being a carer can be so incredibly draining both physically and mentally. I joined this fandom because I discovered Richard Armitage's work at a time when our daughter was going from one mental health crisis to another. His work provided a much needed escape for me. It's not the same for me now - I don't enjoy his most recent work as much as the old. I like the audiowork, but I miss the spark of excitement that new work used to engender. Sending hugs to you at this time!
I must return to it! Other things seem to get in the way of viewing at this time of year!
I have found your tulpa posts really helpful! Will look forward to reading more on your blog if you do decide to revisit the posts.
Yes ... well, I'd been lurking over on one of the forums and became tired of the absolute bias with respect to the reporting on Richard Armitage's work. Only positive reviews of work were ever published, and even mild criticism was jumped on by the two main posters. Even one of the mods, who is a friend, can't be bothered with that Richard Armitage board because the posters are too 'precious' about him. I had forgotten about the APM term you mentioned on "Me + Richard Armitage" ... very apt. As for being ancient .... I know!!! I'm very ambivalent about being a fan of Richard Armitage though. Sometime ago I had forgotten how to have fun in the fandom, and could only think of negative things to write, so took a break.
Hmmm - thanks Yve. I may have to give this more thought before buying the bundle.
Thanks for your thoughts - I'm not familiar with that period of time, although I should be! Will drop by your blog to read your thoughts on the film, now I've actually seen it.
That was a fun screen cap to share, I have to say. I wonder what he was thinking?
I haven't seen Pilgrimage yet - I have the DVD but I just haven't found the time to watch it. We might do so tonight. I still think 'Sparkhouse' is one of my favourite performances of Richard's. I need to watch Berlin Station, Pilgrimage, Sleepwalker and Brain on Fire, but I'm quite sad to see that the promotional pictures for most of these, feature him as the same 'glowering' character. I notice a few fans making the comment that the Berlin Station 'look' (on the DVD) is just like John Proctor. I then looked at pictures of the character in Sleepwalker, and he has a similar expression. I know Richard can play smiling, less angry characters like John Standring - hoping the new work he has done brings out a lighter side. I always worried in the Guy of Gisborne days that he would end up being typecast as non smiling, angry, disaffected characters. Of course, this ability he has of playing these types of characters so well, got him cast as Thorin, Lucas and possibly Proctor.
Hi Yve, Thanks for the heads up about the 'Brain on Fire' DVD. I went to Amazon UK and discovered they would not ship to Australia, but then tried Amazon US, and they accepted my order. Let's hope an entrepreneur decides to do the same with Sleepwalker!! I too am trying to avoid spoilers!
Thank you so much for sharing this with me Servitus!!! I greatly appreciate it. It's sad we may never get to see Sleepwalker - it was one that I was waiting for ..... that, and Urban and the Shed Crew.
I don't often visit twitter anymore, but I did on this occasion. I see what you mean about people in the UK. Interesting that NZ is able to see it!! My concern is more for Sleepwalker - I guess I'm feeling silly because I've decided not to take the option of seeing it 'under the radar' and I'm questioning why I am delaying gratification!!!??? Feeling silly if everyone turns a blind eye to breaching copyright (although is it a grey area when work is unavailable in our respective countries, and we would buy it if it had been available??). As I commented to Stephen Hunter on his rant post, if more of his colleagues spoke out about what is going on (including Richard Armitage), then maybe fans would think twice about watching copies, but at the moment, I sense many artists are ignoring the issue irrespective of how much it may affect revenue (if at all). Stephen Hunter was very pointed in his comment, and he didn't seem to worry if fans became upset with what he had to say ... I wonder if others don't want to upset their fans and therefore won't say anything at all. (Richard Armitage has to know what is going on, as so many tweet him about work that is not available in their respective countries). I guess I'm lucky that we now have a DVD of Berlin Station Series 1 arriving, and hopefully SBS will deliver in terms of airing S1 & 2. The downside is (as a UK fan pointed out on C19), that by the time we get to see it, all the discussion has been completed, the actors have all moved on, and they give no acknowledgement to those of us who have waited. Why wouldn't fans want to see it at the same time as others when there is no incentive to wait for a legal release? Rhetorical question .... I'm just pontificating here.
Yes it's on its way :-). Trouble is that I need to support SBS if it honours its promise and screens S1 & 2 in December. We shall see!!!
Such a fun day, Brian!!! I still remember the Japanese tourists wanting selfies with Gandalf!!!
Thanks Serv. It was hard to write about the play without posting too many spoilers. In terms of destructive ... Act 2!!! Also, the use of "Love, Love, Love" and its lyrics is ironic given that in healthy relationships so much more is needed. Agree that the characters are treated equally in the script but as i mentioned to Yve above, we found Sandra the more interesting of the two with the emphasis being on 'interesting' as opposed to 'dominant' - we certainly did not want to give the impression that the actor upstaged the others, either - there are two main leads and not one. I will be keen to hear how Michael Mayer interprets the play, and what he will emphasize.
lol!! I didn't read it that way Yve. Just to clarify. Sandra and Kenneth have equal amounts of time on stage and I would say that RA is going to be a co-lead, There is no dominant role - each of the main characters is important, but for us, Sandra was the more interesting in this production.
Hi Perry, We had a discussion re. relevance to Australia and we definitely feel there is a resonance. Our next generation seems to be doing 'alright' perhaps because the effect of the GFC was not as severe as in the UK. We do however acknowledge that many opportunities we had are not available to our children's generation, such as a free University education. House prices in our captial cities have now escalated beyond the reach of many young people, and they are going into big debt to have their house on a plot of land. In terms of the play itself,its setting and its language, Australian middle class culture is similar enough to Britain for it to easily adapted. It could have been set in Australia and still have been believable.
I didn't see Dr Foster either but it rings a bell. I wonder if it is on catch up? I als wonder which episode he wrote for Dr Who!
Thanks Hariclea. While the production I'm seeing is not being put on by a large company, I think it will be great to see it.
Lee in Cold Feet, yes! I can't remember his surname offhand either Yve. I'm only up to Act 2 in my reading which is rather shattering. Kenneth certainly resembles Lee in Act 1, I'm just trying to think who he reminds me of as he ages. I definitely think there is a resonance with some of RA's earlier characters ... in fact some of his early work was really good, I think.
Mine too Mezz. Love the dress sense in this photo! BTW: I said I wasn't updating here as there wasn't anything to write about. I'm actually writing these posts on the other more general blog, but as they seem to have some relevance to what RA is doing at the moment, I thought it was worth reblogging :)
Hi Linda60, Thanks for commenting :). I have another blog which used to be a "place" blog and was usurped by this one. I need to head back over and update all our travels from walking holidays to our NZ location tours. Just finding the time!!! I'm trying to put my finger on just what is bothering me about being a fan of Richard Armitage and why this period of 'no work' is hard. I think it is the social media which serves to reinforce to me what I'm missing out on. I am now kicking myself for binge watching all his work when I first joined the fanbase in 2007 as it has left me with nothing new. We were always slow to get his work out this way, but it eventually made it after 6 months or so of being released in the UK. Live theatre just keeps him away for even longer. I'm sure it gives him a buzz, and that's great ... it just doesn't make following his career particularly easy or interesting and I'm impatient to see more work. I guess I may be alone in not getting much out of press shots of Richard Armitage to be honest. I'd like to watch the development of his acting - I don't want to see the old familiar mannerisms creeping back into his work, and I'd like to see him do a decent US accent. If I can't see his work, I'll always wonder if he has been able to achieve variability in his "acting toolbox". At the moment he has to be careful not to be typecast. "Love, Love, Love" will be interesting as it is a dark comedy/drama I think ... I'll see this in a small production locally, so I will be able to guage if he will be required to break out of his usual "style" or not. I admit I get a little impatient about the baby boomer bashing as seen in some of the reading he is doing to prepare (I fall into the later years of that) ... we are also the "Sandwich generation" ... no one mentions that we may be caring for elderly relatives along with children with disabilities. Enough said - I'll know more about the play's theme when I see this local production. Love RA's audio work!!! Amazon Prime isn't available here yet, so I'm not sure what our options are in terms of viewing BS. On Redford, yes .... 80yrs. I've just read an article on him which I found particularly moving and thought provoking. Someone in the performing arts who does perhaps understand a little about caring for children.