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In my six decades of life I have never witnessed any gruesome act of violence in my personal life even though I grew up in a very rough area of New York City. I have never owned a gun. My children by contrast, although not witnessing a murder or other act of violence in their personal lives, have watched thousands of hours of gruesome violence in the media. Young boys sit transfixed at computer screens playing video games that abound in violent and often sadistic behavior. But it is much easier to say that guns are the problem and not the sadistic cabal in Hollywood that dreams up all of this crap. We worry about the ingredients in our drugs and food..........but do absolutely nothing about what enters the minds of our children and adults through the Hollywood system. The sickos who run the studios, leftist liberals to a man and woman, have been on a campaign to de-Christianize America and the rest of the world for half a century and have taken the medium of children's comic book characters of a half a century ago and morphed them into sadistic killers. One only has to look at the transformation of the Batman character from a fantasy wholesome hero of Adam West of the famed TV series to the 'Dark Knight Rising' of today which it's name alone is an allusion to a Satanic parody of the Resurrection of Our Lord. Check out the clothing section of your favorite retail store and you will see pajama's for little boys and toddlers featuring characters from this sick Batman movie.......Follow the money...
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We assume that a person like Chief Justice Roberts is not susceptible to outside pressure but lives in a Supreme Court cocoon where ideological arguments sway a justice one way or the other. There are stories out there about Robert's changing his vote at the last minute.....Scalia in his dissent refers to Ginsburg's dissent although she was in the majority on the Obamacare decision. I am not saying that someone had incriminating 'pictures' of Robert's but I believe he received visits or phone calls regarding his vote. Washington is a dangerous town to be on the 'wrong side of history' and would anyone be surprised if Robert's had a fatal heart incident given his medical history? Alternatively, he is a political animal with powerful mentors and supporters in the Wall Street GOP and given the vast amounts amounts of profit that will be accruing to the oligopolistic health insurance industry with the passage of Obamacare, could he resist a good arm twisting to change his vote? Follow the money..........
The oligarchic elites project plan for the creation of the NWO or Servile State has hit a few snags. The first attempt at creating a global state was initiated by the Hellene, Alexander the Great, and how ironic that Greece has become the fly in the ointment in the latest attempt create a universal state. However, the utopian plan depended upon the EU and euro currency to become the regional model for others to follow in a domino manner. Two centuries of warfare, revolutions, debasement of morals, denigration of religion, globalization of commerce and a belief in the efficiency of government bureaucracy had created the final stage for the emergence of the global super state. But like the biblical Tower of Babel, the dream is starting the crumble before their eyes as the Greeks will decide to screw the European and global banks; the Afghans defeat another empire once again frustrating the the goals of petro-hegemony oligarchs; the global financial elite bet the 'house' in the hubris of Greenspan era inspired derivatives; and Americans appear to be taking a serious second look at alchemistic Obama - the creation of the socialist and globalist elites - who was supposed to led America into the NWO by promising 'change' and 'hope'. the chocolate eclair metaphor also.....I'll take McKinley over Obama any day however...Teddy wouldn't believe that a politician like Obama could be possible in the USA or even conceive of an oxymoron called gay marriage...
The panderer-in-chief does it again. When he said 4 years ago that he was against gay marriage what were the reasons? Obviously, not moral ones since one does not change moral stances due to popular, it is a political calculation on his part that endorsing gay marriage will make him more electable to the younger demographic which every is more liberal year by year. It happens with both parties...Romney was much more flexible on abortion and socialized medicine four years ago also but he realized that he couldn't get the GOP nomination without changing his views. The system is rigged to give the American people two false choices every four years who have the 'moral' backbones of jellyfish.
Bribery is not a Catholic vs. Protestant issue. Try doing business in the Middle East (Muslim), India (Hindu/ Moslem) and China (atheist) and not pay bribes. Also let's not forget the USA's Washington lobbying and campaign contribution system. The nickle and dime bribery of the 'non- protestant' countries is peanuts compared with the the wholesale looting of the Treasury by the military-industrial complex and the rigging of the global finance system..... all with the complicit massaging of palms and promises to the corrupt Dem and GOP 'public servants'. Yes, the Mexican and Italians may have corrupt business cultures but we who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
You can say that 20th century German bellicose behavior was an aberration when compared to the previous thousand years. However, the Turks were still fighting the Crusades only 500 years ago long after the fall of the Latin kingdom....ejecting the Knights of Malta from Rhodes and then being checkmated but not defeated by Jean de Vallete at Malta and Don Juan of Austria at Lepanto. For centuries they raped, pillaged and kidnapped Christians from Spain to Greece and especially terrorized the coastlines of Italy. Their behavior towards our Orthodox brothers is reprehensible and for that reason alone they should be excluded from the godless EU which itself thinks that religion is irrelevant but dangerous. The difference between the Europeans and Turks is fundamental. The Europeans have forgotten their history and the Turks are still living theirs.
The alternative to Obama will be four more years of GOP accommodation to the liberal agenda; a moderated version of ObamaCare; accounting trickery to demonstrate an effort to reduce the national debt; continued march to a globalist future working with international socialists in the further de-manufacturing of America. On the positive side we will be hearing more of the the Mormon Tabernacle Choir which should be a change of pace from the hip hop and other sub-cultural types that we have been subjected to in recent years. If you live in a marginal state your vote will count (so vote for the lesser of two evils) but if you live in California then your vote will be cancelled by an illegal alien or the hordes working for the government unions and their own personal interests. In the People's Republic of Obama.....I mean California......third party is the only choice.
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2012 on Romney's Progress at Mail Online - Thomas Fleming
There can be dignity in defeat. One thinks of General R.E. Lee at Appomottox Court House in 1865. There are numerous examples to the contrary including own own slinking away from Saigon and allowing the 4.5 million South Vietnamese to be slaughtered by the North Vietnamese......ideological genocide that the media conspicuously was silent on. As they say about certain wine....they don't travel well....can be applied to just about every US foreign adventure....Vietnam, Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan and soon Iran to say nothing of our malign interventions in Central America over the past century. As Karl Marx observed watching the ghastly events in the Indian uprisings in the mid nineteenth century, western democracies cease practicing what they preach in their colonies. Expect to see deadly civil wars as a result of our interference and withdrawals from Afghanistan and Iraq and the results will be dire to its people (and US interests) and especially to native women of whom Madeline and Hilary cared so much about and used as an excuse for war.
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2012 on Afghan Justice at Mail Online - Thomas Fleming
The illusion of differences between the two major parties is part of the overall strategy which keeps the duopoly in power. I don't have the statistics but I would hazard to guess that Olympia Stowe voted 80% of the time with Santorum and 70% of the time with Reid. There are no differences in the two parties with regard to the war making state...witness the Obama administration using psych ops to provoke war in Iran. Would you expect any different from a Republican? Compulsory and socialized health care is inevitable......the fight over contraception is at the margins of the debate and not whether it should exist or not. That's over. Romney if elected will institutionalize it and it will be accepted like other entitlements by the American people, contraception or no contraception coverage. My Brit friends condescendingly tell me that it is about time the the US becomes civilized like the rest of the western world....which they mean is acceptance of the technocratic and globalized nanny state and the example of 'conservatives' like Cameron who wants to be remembered in history as the PM who nationalized gay marriage. Count me out!
Once his record at Bain Capital is scrutinized by the media and Obama's legion of zealots, Romney will be made out to be a combination of Ebenizer Scrooge, Jay Gould and Brigham Young. This will hold any defections from Obama's center-left to the moderate Republican and will definitely alienate the blue collar voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia, the swing states that Romney needs to win the election. Obama will withdraw this year from the hellhole Afghanistan and support Israel just enough in its forthcoming Iran bombings to forestall any Jewish backlash even though the neo-cons will be howling holy hell that we are not invading. It looks like four more years on the rocky road to the end of American sovereignty since he will destroy the dollar and our fiscal independence with a second term term. Unfortunately, I believe if Americans are forced to into the 'servile state', America will become a much more violent place.
The virus of neoconservatism has infected the American political establishment over the past thirty years. I remember its ascendancy about twenty years ago when the late Bill Buckley booted Joe Sobran and Pat Buchanan from the National Review orbit because of their supposed anti-Semitic views ( in other words in NYC speak...not staunchly and blindly pro-Israel). At the same time Senator Pat Moynihan was leading the neoconservative takeover of the Democratic party which was bereft of any foreign policy direction since the Vietnam debacle and the collapse of communism. The ideological coup d' etat was completed after 9/11 when both political parties embraced the pernicious neo-con doctrines as the basis for the US 21st century foreign policy seeing the Islamic Middle East as a danger to the existence of Israel and US strategic interests (petroleum). This "divine commission" was blessed by the evangelical right wing in the last decade who in their twisted reading of Sacred Scripture believe that the US is vicariously carrying out the mission of the Old Testament Israelites in the current Middle East to bring about the prophesied 'end times' and return of Christ.
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2012 on Adolf Assad at Mail Online - Thomas Fleming
On the other hand, Gingrich is a magician. He gets his two daughters from his first marriage to rebut the comments made by his second wife concerning his pre-marriage relationship with his third wife. This is a great example of his family values and more importantly his negotiating skill with ex-wives - a process which can be more treacherous than Scylla and Charybdis. Also Gingrich can get things done. With two marriages, messy divorces and probably some more extramarital affairs in the closet, he somehow manages to convert to the Catholic faith and be married for his third time in the church to his ex-mistress. Hopefully, the conversion was sincere and he will remain married to his third wife, but if not, you can bet that he will get an annulment to marry again. If anyone can solve the Arab-Israeli crisis, it would be Newt.............A Man for All Maidens.
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Feb 2, 2012