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Unbelievable! I too have suffered from depression (and currently am), as have all of my immediate family. From my experience it is often exactly those intelligent, articulate people who do suffer. I wonder what Stephen Fry would have made of that letter if they had sent it to him! Am now going to look at the Breaking The Silence blog.......
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2010 on I am not stupid at Rosie Scribble
This is a really interesting post, and something I'd been thinking about writing myself (but chickened out of!). I had been thinking that there seemed a lot of 'cliques' on Twitter - bloggers, mumpreneurs, friends etc. Cliques in themselves aren't bad - they are just likeminded people gravitating toward each other and enjoying each other's company. Cliques are only 'bad' if you feel on the outside and want to be included but don't feel you can. I have always felt on the periphery of the BMB community because our blog is a bit too 'businessy' to be a mummy blog, but too 'mumsy' to be a business blog. However for the niche market we are aimed at, it seems OK, so I'm not too concerned. I suppose I am aware of a certain hierarchy within the the blogging community, based on time served and contribution - but that is fine, and as it should be. If you are blogging to connect and make friends then the community may seem a tough nut to crack, but if you are writing for a purpose, or just for the joy of it, that acceptance and recognition will come with time. The meme is a great idea though, and a fab way to discover some of the new talent that is out there :-)
We've posted today over at Mum's The Blog
Great summary of a really exciting year! I think it would be great for more bloggers to be paid for what they have being doing for love for so long. It would also be great if blogs were more widely read than just within the BMB community and were promoted to a much wider audience in the media. Like lots of others, I'm not keen on the idea of video blogging but I *do* like the sound of a conference - there's nothing more inspiring than a room full of creative people :-)
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Dec 11, 2009