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I hope, this day enables so many who have been promoting hate and those, who have lived in the profusion of confusion as to how great this country is, and those who have worked against this country with their freedoms to create, to realize how unequivocably fortunate we are to be born into a Nation of true Freedoms- guaranteed. May even one have some of the Courage of those 9-11 first-responders and of those who helped others so intuitively to survive, and the Flight 93 Heroes to dwell into their hearts of darkness and recognize what they have been doing; then, use that courage to see what their hate and vitriol has done to themselves and their actions. May they realize that these Freedoms are fragile, and it is our duty and responsibilty along with those freedoms to be ever vigilant. There comes a point when one must take up their responsibility to promote freedom and not use the freedoms to tear down and undermine them.Before they know it,it is they who will suffer from what they created to be known as an object of nearly complete disdain and irredeemable disrepute. May this day be one of enlightenment,light, and rededication to sustaining the greatest country ever devised by Humankind.
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2011 on Infamy at Atlas Shrugs
Pam,will you be streaming the Rally? What are your plans?
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2011 on Never Forget! at Atlas Shrugs
I think, we should all send Clinton- Bill that is - a letter congratulating him on his success.
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2011 on Muslims Protest In Kosovo Capital at Atlas Shrugs
I know innumerable Blacks from all sectors of society, and there are sadly, very, very few who think like Alan West. Believe me, no matter how far they advanced in life, nor for how long an individual has held a position, truly based on his/her own merit, they still tend to forget how that was possible.Instead they spout the Liberal -Socialist line.The true exceptions came from the generation, who were from the Black middle and upper middle class by their own hard work in school and in their profession, in the main.They, themselves, disdained affirmative action individuals and recipients.I dare anyone to dispute that statement.Unfortunately, out of that generation, also, came the leaders of the Black Community, who incited, planned, and directed several of the Riots of the late Sixties, demanding higher corporate positions and more Federal subsidies and being winners of elections. I don't know, why the CBC is now on this track. There aren't that many Blacks in Canada to begin with, in the main. if they are are intending to cause turmoil in the US, it will backfire. At some places on the border, all people need to do is cross, one why , or the other, into one another's country. they know what Detroit was like. It easily could have blown across the pond.
Is it possible for John Jay to confirm, or deny, that as this is inciting violence, it is a lawsuit? If a specific aspect of the Black Community acts on this call, what do they think, will happen? They are too young to remember the riots, and that aftermath will no longer be tolerated, nor will the outcome be what they may anticipate. Yet, I see, this may be working for Obama to institute Martial Law and have troops take over the cities. It, certainly, won't promote job growth.
I would bet he wants to start a push for the G.I.V.E. Act.The purpose of which is to impose government dicta of volunteering, first by joining some local groups into which we will all be organized. This is what the Nazis did and the Soviets. Read it, and you will see.
Unless Israel's leaders decide , again, like their forefathers , that Israel is a modern, sovereign nation, and thinks ahead,and hits back devastatingly hard, once and for all, crippling these barbarians , this will not stop. why does one more Jewish child have to die, because he/she is Jewish? Enough is enough. When will Jews stand up for their own self-defense and stop apologizing for existing? Do the Arabs/Muslims after targeting and killing innocent people? It's g-d damned embarrassing.The Israeli leaders have to find their balls and strap them on, at least, if not reattached.The US has no business telling Israel a thing.Our leadership is destroying us. It, nor the idiot Blair, or any other leaders,and would be leader, haven't a clue as to what their own countries are about anymore, either.Rabid anti-Semitism is not a substitute for political , or economic philosophy, or a direction and capacity to govern.For two minutes Bibi gets it together -and then, he loses his nerve.They have a million and a half children to secure. It's time they did, and act like responsible,Jewish adults.( Do not confuse the above with the latest protesters in Israel.)
It's time to shutdown Facebook- altogether. If it ever served a purpose, that has passed.It has turned to facilitating destroying lives , and, thus, must be closed.
Ditto, Wonderin 1. Thank you, Pam. I've passed it on .
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2011 on Klezmer Soul on an Open Thread at Atlas Shrugs
Pamela, Just go interview him ,and let him speak and explain for himself.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2011 on "Adios, Mofo!" at Atlas Shrugs
At what point do YouTube and Facebook, and Google start to have responsibility for inciting violence and promoting actions for government takeover, and/or, insurrection, and calls of destruction of others? What has to happen for them to be made accountable? Surely, these CEO's must know there are limits to free speech.They are registered US companies, aren't they? Thus, they are subject to our laws. Does Representative King read this blog, Pam? Maybe, John Jay can expound . Can't something be done to stop this infiltration, now? We can't wait another sixteen months. Someone mentioned something about Perry's support of the Muslims, " engages in revisionist history, and has helped further indoctrination of students..." Exactly, where can these examples be found? This is extremely important.THank you.
Pam, Why can't they file an injunction? And call the Feds for an investigation of all of the IRS status groups with a 501C3. They have been investigating all of the groups whose Directors receive a disproportionate salary to employees and , I believe, the ratio of funds raised.Those annual filings of 990's can be obtained from the NY AG, if they aren't posted on line already.I haven't seen the NY Post carry anything, either. The families should call, today, or first thing in the morning. Whoever is Bloomberg's rabbi,( and anyone else's rabbi, priest, pastor, minister, the policy-making positions) should be contacted as well. There are definite laws and traditions and procedures that Jews and Christians are compelled to follow in regards to those who have died. If they don't want to follow these laws in their personal lives, that is one thing, but within a public realm, they are embarking on a far, far different realm of human concern, faith and beliefs, and familial traditions. The clergy of the families have to be notified so that it can be properly handled.Will prayers be said? A Mass? What? Death historically holds a unique place in human rituals, and to disrespect and disregard these considerations disqualifies the entire commission and everyone handling this. The clergy must be called, also, today, alerted and organized to send a letter to everyone of those involved.
Please, call your Congresspeople and Senators. Tell them you are emailing the video and that this has got to be stopped-TODAY! It is on Drudge, now, so refer them, there.Call Eric Cantor and demand he literally drop everything and pass a law, today, saying that children must be profiled! American children do not carry bombs.Only Muslim children are made to do that. Tell them, if the Congress of the United States of America cannot safeguard our children, they will all be voted out.They are too stupid to is almost too much to watch this video.Please, act on this.
XboosX- Muslims use their children as shields and live bomb vehicles, in diapers, etc.No one else would even think of it. where are Boehner and Cantor? This invasion of stupidity and sanctioned criminality has got to be stopped.
Exactly. This is sickening! They bring down the towers and here WE are!
He's part of that UN machine. Pam, he ,obviously, wants to have dinner. Invite him, and maybe, in the process, you can inform him of the truth about Islam,or at least, about the US' First Amendment,or get him another job, so he can leave that drivel.Pathetic. I think, the entire UN -ALL of IT- needs a lecture in the First Amendment, the US Constitution, and what it means.Or it should move to another country to default on its parking tickets. They could go to ....almost anywhere else, and get the out of here.China. That's the ticket. He is afraid, or rather, those for whom he shills, are. In any event, this is France screwing up. Let the French, those great fighters for human rights,especially in Africa, take care of it. We can't. The Ivory Coast, by the way, is one of the largest suppliers of cacao, I believe. Chocolate will go up- AGAIN. Might want to buy some, now. It's already doubled- at least, in the last while. Anybody know Goldberg? Jangmadiini (?) is right. We all must do our our best to share this posting . Everytime Goldberg, or one of his 'colleagues', posts something smearing Pam, because they don't want the Truth out there, we will insure it circulates.
I know, but time has marched on, and the 2010 elections happened, and many are up for re-election. Other circumstances have come into play. We'll see.
Paula, It's a fair question. Someone might want to start checking. Horowitz may have it, already, at
I want to correct, or update, something I said. The US HAS, now, reportedly, planes flying over Libya. However, it is typical that the reporting is confusing on the same day.
Any appointment has to go through the Senate,and it is highly, doubtful anyone with her track record, and age for that matter,who is promoting a doctrine in the UN, diminishing our sovereignty, that uses the US as a military force to combat all the ills of the world, which includes placing us on the side of supplying and fighting to clear the paths for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Al Qaeda, directing the destruction of Israel and Jerusalem, its Capital, would make it through the vetting process. She would have the military against her, the overwhelming majority of the Congress and the US populus, including the extremists on the Left against war,the Jews, the majority of Christians, and the anti-UN numbers wanting to defund and disassociate the US from the UN. What would be her main accomplishment to promote, especially, after today's report that the US has, essentially withdrawn from Libya? It makes Obama and the US look weak next to Qaddafi's claim that he will prevail. She evidences a deep insufficiency in her understanding of human nature, the role of religion in others' lives, to which she may, or may not subscribe, and a deeply embedded anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli held belief, as she is obviously in the Mary Robinson school, another Irish-born woman.Let us see what she does at Durban. Robinson is so blind , or obsessed with Hate, she had to be told, apparently, when the virulence displayed at the first conference, out of which Colin Powell walked, to tone it down. Sam's deluded husband's track record, whether, or not, it is right to include overtly, will have influence on many, coloring her eligibility. Also, who knows if Clinton has really forgiven her? Hillary has learned to appear to be a team player, but she hasn't resigned- yet, and if her regaining popularity continues, she may only resign if she can be replaced with her choice. Or she may remain in place. One can only wonder if Hillary knew if the profile was done, in the first place. Reviewing this Administration's MO of directing focus on one action to detract from another they are working on sub-rosa, who knows what they are really thinking, or doing? Choices do not bode well. This NYT piece could be either a feeler, or a diversion. The one other element to consider, seriously, is the role of unrestrained narcissism abounding in this power structure.So, if they do nominate her, anyway, despite all the facts, we can watch them trip all over themselves. It would put Obama's re-election in deep jeopardy from his own party. If she is serious, she just might want to grow up and dress like someone who knows what she is doing. Stretch jeans, even in her current position, are unseemly, and disrespectful. Like it, or not, one doesn't and didn't see Hillary, or Madeline, Condi, or Laura, dressed like a schlepp. She could brush her hair,wash her face and get a make-up person. ( That famous Irish blush is gone from the cheeks, now.She ain't no Irish rose.) How organized as a person does this look to the world in her current position, let alone a Secretary of State of the most powerful country on the globe- still? It seems obvious, now, an Amendment to the Constitution requiring the Secretary of State to be a born citizen of the US is in order.
One of the obvious lacks of foresight 's consequences is that all of these children being brainwashed almost from birth with this Hate and evil will never be able to disassociate themselves from it. They will never be purged of that Hate and Fear of 'the other, 'the infidel, those who are not Islamic- and this is an extreme form of that thought belief.Peace with and for them can never be understood as we define and seek it, nor freedom. They are finished.So we had better make hard determinations, now, as to what we can do, are willing to do, and must do.
CMax, I can tell you, in all Truth, I have known some very fine individuals who are Muslim by birth. One is a woman, born in Turkey who was as assimilated as possible her entire life.In fact, she has been to a mosque twice in her life. She's a wonderful person as is her husband.Both emigrated here at least twenty-five years ago. Another was a young man, whom I knew at one time, but in all that time, I never knew he was observant. He practiced on his own time, quietly, but was acculturated into US life, totally. Otherwise, to associate with Iraqi Chaldeans is my limit, now. The Muslims in Dearborn, and there are numerous nationalities, there, are not pleasant, and are especially, obnoxious to women in my experience. However, the Chaldeans, also, have very fine,sincere, and hardworking ethics in the tradition of those immigrants of past decades, managing to balance their cultural traditions and living as Americans. They understand how precious our Freedoms are. I am very glad to know there are judges on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals who are intelligent. Let's see what happens. There are a few very dyed in the wool Liberals, who forgot how to think on that Court a long time hence.
I can't believe it! How extraordinary! Hood was almost a guaranteed loss. I would have bet on it. She must have had a bad experience with a Muslim, or gone to Dearborn for dinner, and treated like so many females are at these restaurants.Do you have any idea what influenced her? I doubt if she can read the law let alone understand it. I wonder, who her clerk is. Any information? I'll read the opinion, now, but I had to comment because of my total shock! She is so ' limited.' Miracles happen.