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Madame MP, for your sake and for the sake of other women who hold ambitions to seek public office, please shut up and desist from giving any more interviews. You have no shame? Eish! If this is your idea of representing yourself and your constituency, I weep for your lot and the electorate who put you there. The way you gaffed and goofed your way through each question shows you cannot even lie very well. So why not pull the mask and say what any average Cameroonian can decipher as fundamentally flawed electoral mechanism? The interview is bad enough. Then the snafu that ELECAM is a Christian name??? Gee! Did you really say that? Any sensible adviser should have shut you up there and pleaded for a premature end to the interview. History will judge you and your lot. One day, the children and grandchildren of Buea Rural will ask you "what did you do to change things?".