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Robert Munstis
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I have to admit seeing Youk battling through an ankle injury in Tampa made me wonder the the heck Jacoby is doing... the lack of info about his reasons for staying away is what was most frustrating. And when you see Tek and Pedey in uniform, on crutches, in the dugout... it just doesn't look good for Ells. Bottom Line: He better kill it when he comes back. Bottom Line Apparel:
Good stuff guys... I just posted a similar anti-Dan article at TBL. Heaven for bid that you tell Dan when and where he stick his smelly mic in your face! Bottom Line: Nomar may have sulked through 2004... and maybe getting the WS ring makes it easier to forget... but I'm over it. Maybe some day Dan will be too.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2010 on A Tale of Two Dans at YFSF
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Mar 11, 2010