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PS: John I too play guitar. I have an Ovation Custom Legend and a Gibson Les Paul Custom. At present I have my eyes on a Larrivee PV-09 to take on trips and holidays. The guitar I'd most like to own? Gibson ES175. In my experience if you want a really good steel strung guitar it has to be American. Of course what guitar you play is influenced by what music you like. Like you I am a blues and jazz fan. Check out Al Di Meola's 'Consequence of Chaos' or Kiss My Axe, especially 'Southbound Traveller', 'The Embrace' and 'One Night Last June'
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Perhaps this debate is best summed by your son's comment "so what" or rather his ability to make that statement with impunity, without fear of any consequence. He also I would guess takes for granted his freedom to 'emulate Frusciante' and express his creativity through his instrument. Simple freedoms like that have always been and always will be a struggle, both spiritally and physically. When we as a culture lose sight of that, when we become indifferent to the fact that our destiny lies in our own hands then we surrender our freedom and all that we are. Ask your son, what if he were never allowed to play again? or listen to others play? Then imagine the plight of those under Islamic rule where musicianship and music is a criminal offense? Would his response be "So what"? I spent thirty years of my life fighting to protect your son's and my two daughters right to say "So what" without fear. I and those like me should not ask for thanks, or even recognition but only that our sucessors value what they have and are prepared to defend it. So what, will not do. I hate Rap! and Hip Hop! But I would not ban it. I cannot ban it, and that's a good thing.So now I have to endure it in my house and in my car when my daughters are at home. It's a small part of the price I pay for what I believe in. I only hope they believe in it too.
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I agree with your conclusions regarding he right to self defence having reached much the same conclusions myself and for the same reasons some time ago. I began reading the Koran, Haddith and Shariah some years ago. First to compare them to the bible, and second in the interests of 'know your enemy' something our political class seems incapable of. Any defensive action I might take including pre emptive in the face of threats can be wholly justified be reference to the principles laid out in the koran and islamic texts. I am tired of being told that islam is a religion of peace. Those muslims who profess this know what they mean and those who hear it and take it a t face value should take the time and trouble to find out what they mean. The peace islam speaks of as prescribed in the Koran and islamic texts is the peace that will be realised when the whole world lies under the rule of islam and shariah. Until then there is no compromise only perpetual war against the unbelievers until all are converted or subjugated under islam. For those who doubt what I say I would suggest they obtain a copy of the Koran, one sanctioned by the islamic authorities and before reading it familiarise themselves with both it's chronology and the principle of abrogation. Steve Coughlin's presentation at does a pretty good job of this and is well worth a look for those who want to know more.
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Jul 16, 2010