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Jim Murphy
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Great post, Scott. Marketing tools, as it turns out, are like any other major purchase in that that there's an aspirational component to it, which the software companies count on (no offense). Just because you purchase Omniture, doesn't mean you're suddenly going to be a web analytics wiz- especially if your company really only values basic reporting, but feels the need to show status. I think in a way it's unforunate that so many companies buy marketing tools for the tools themselves - or worse, the "name brand") - with no vision at all for what they want the tools to do. If people at these companies started with the vision, as the 37 signals guys suggest, I suspect that the big enterprise software companies would be in a bit of trouble and there would be a much higher rate of adoption for smaller open-source tools. I've been blown away by the quality and flexibility of some of these tools. Then again, that's kind of my modus operandi (culture) - simple, quick and results driven - no fluff.
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Aug 25, 2010