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"Once the system gets its hooks into you, you are screwed for life. The lesson here is don't go to meet underage "girls" that you meet on the internet." No, the lesson is to take court orders absolutely seriously. Lost my license to drive - owned a motorbike at the time. Took my bike to the shop and said "I'd like you to store this for me for six months." Disconnected the battery on my car so that I would not be tempted to do something impulsive. Cycled to work. But I had the option. Mate of mine failed to pay a parking fine, and the fine for not paying the fine, and wound up disqualified. Had shared custody of kids - WTF is he going to do when it's his turn to pick them up? Just what you think. He'll never be free of the system. When you get in any sort of legal trouble, get paranoid. Fast. Do what you have to to keep yourself clean. Suspension and probation is a test, one that you *must* pass to get out the other side with a normal life still possible.
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The same old story is that of a relatively small number of people acquiring ownership of far, far too much of the money. The existence of too many ultra, ultra rich people. The subprime issue is simply how they managed to do it this time around, how this time around they managed to defraud the economy. Next time it will be something else that the economists didn't see coming. Money is the lubricant of the economy (more than that: its medium). But it migrates up, until it reaches the top of the pyramid and starts to accumulate. When this is left too long, the rest of the economy seizes and grinds to a halt. The only fix is to break up these enormous fortunes and to inject the money into the bottom layer. One way to do it is by inflation - but this is ineffective when the new money is simply added to the pool of unused capital at the top (as with the bailout). The other way is to install a siphon to pull money out of the apex and inject it into the base on an ongoing basis. The Randites can complain that it's morally wrong to do so till they are blue in the face, but morally wrong or not: nothing else works. (And it's not morally wrong, but that's another thread.) It takes continual vigilance to keep this siphon running, to catch people sabotaging it: breaking or bending the laws that it comprises, and the institutions that enforce those laws. The problem behind the problem - in the USA, at least - is the bribes. So-called "campaign contributions". Bribes. Nothing can be fixed without the bribery being stopped. Until then, small classes of fraudsters in the FIRE sector who manage to bypass the laws will continue to make incredible fortunes and periodically jam the economy.
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Interesting cover. Why a woman on the front? Why not a man? Because women are automatically about sex, in a way that men are not. Sexism everywhere.
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May 23, 2011