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SW Oregon
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Andrea, I have been holding this question, and never trying the shoots even though I'm a gardener, because of fear - are we doing any damage to the bean plant and its future beans when we cut off these shoots? Or, does this simply give the plant new places to start new branches/arms? My sugar snaps and snow peas are all the climber type, and I've especially feared of injuring the top of the climbing trunk - that's really the same question as above but thinking maybe the main shoot is not cut, but all others OK - ??? I'd love to know the answer to this - than maybe I can experience another of nature's finest gems. Thanks Andrea, jm
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Hi Andrea, Interesting post - I too was intrigued by this question - I'm sort of a food history buff (and baker) and I've been trying to bake a baguette like the ones that would have been made by Vietnamese bakers, after being taught how by their French mentors. The assumption can be made that wheat flour would have been expensive, and rice, not so. OK, so it's reasonable to assume that they would have used some rice to replace some wheat flour - but it's not reasonable to assume that the French baker mentors would ever have allowed a loaf made with 50% rice flour (I've even done 27% and it's still not good). And then it came to me - why not try using cooked rice instead of rice flour - not only could it stretch further (lower cost) but it would have been far less expensive than even rice flour at that time! So, I've been doing some loaves using the cooked rice, and voila, they are much, much better than with rice flour - here's my post: Sorry, I'm a sourdough baker, but the conversion to yeast is easy, or you could just use cooked rice in your regular baguette recipe. Hope you get a chance to try it - I think it's the answer!
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Apr 15, 2010