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The importance of a qualified pivot in the CFL is paramount to success. The Argo's lack of solidifying this position has spelled disaster for the last several seasons. Hopefully they can move forward and find a QB that can do like wise with the offence.
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2011 on CFL East on the Rise at The Spin
Although those in the know felt it was a long shot to land Richards, the perception that Burke gave by not being here spoke volumes. He really boils over with arrogance. When I read that part on playing for Tortorella I also wonder what impact Wilson holds on the decision?? If Connolly stays healthy he will help. As far as a 4th line center, looks like its Bozak. I felt the Oilers really made a splash addressing issues and needs. As I had stated prior this team will be deeper in post season after 2 last place finishes than the Leafs will. The key in addition to Franson is Lombardi. If he can play 60 games that could prove large with his speed. Way to go Nonis!!
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2011 on Richards Chooses Rangers at The Spin
I heard there were a couple of UFA's in Afghanistan? Although I commend his willingness to get with the troops, I think insuring that you are committed to what you are paid for should probably be first and foremost on the priority list. If you’re saying that Nonis and Dudly can handle it then why do we need Burke at all? That or he's not really committed to the UFA market and could care less. Sorry, my take is the latter!
Bill, Your ignorance is overwhelming. I could care less about the Raptors. So that in itself makes your statement invalid. Leafs have not had a bonafide first line center since Sundin left. Take a look at the teams that finished in the top 10 last season. Compare those lineups with the Leafs, how many true first line players do they have, have many true second line players do they have? You want Toronto to compete with that with only a couple of second line and balance being 3rd and 4th liners. When will you understand there are 30 teams in the league not 1? In order to compete you have to match talent to talent!! The Leafs are lacking in that catagory right now!
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2011 on Going For Depth, Not Stars at The Spin
Jeremy, Thank-you! For a minute I thought Burke had some of mental hold on the general public that he was the greatest, with very little to show for it. Sure he won a cup in Anaheim on others coattails but in reality his only claim to fame is signing the Sedin twins. His draft record of roughly 50 choices with Vancouver and only 4 or 5 actually stick really speaks volumes. Missing out on Mike Richards, if all it took were a couple of players means he couldn’t pull it off and failed. Either Kadri is not as hot a prospect as everyone in Toronto seems to think or Burke failed. Either way leaves questions for Burkes forward movement. As far as Brad Richards, this is a Leaf must!! A first line, skilled veteran needs to be first and foremost on the wish list. Cox really takes his own swipe at Burke giving Islanders an upside over Leafs. Wow, a team with a wishy washy owner, flaky GM and finished below Leafs last season has an upside over the Leafs?? What does that tell you? I tend to agree. In any event, Burke needs to start being held accountable. The spoken word is no longer acceptable, I want to see the truculence and belligerence that he’s talking about on the ice. I want to see a bonafide NHL first line. This is Burke's make or break year and with the $50 million he has to be spending on management the joke is soon going to be on MLSE if there are no results.
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2011 on Going For Depth, Not Stars at The Spin
The cupboard was bare? 41 yrs of failure? Do you remember 92-93 loss in the semi’s to LA? The next year loss in the semi’s to Vancouver? Then after that during the Quinn era again had some great success. I to this day feel that one of the strongest lines ever was Roberts, Sundin and Mogilny. What did the Leafs in was the push in 2004 to try to go deep in the playoffs, followed by the strike and salary caps. The way to building changed overnight. From acquiring talents through trades and UFA, to having to draft smartly. How bare was the cupboard? It always seems that hindsight is a 20/20 thing. At the time everything looks great. Tlutsy was supposed to be a great pick. There were guys in the minors who were supposed to be the future. Kind of sounds the same as today. Then 3 yrs down the road when they don’t work out everyone says the cupboard is bare. I didn’t like JFJ, didn’t think he was the right guy, but a lot of people felt very positive when brought in Toskala, remember hearing that Telquist, Harrison, Williams, Pohl, Steen were all great, had lots on the farm, things were looking positive. Is that not the same as today?? Again time will tell. I will say that Kadri for Mike Richards was a no brainer. If that was at all possible, a potential for a proven leader, and Burke couldn’t pull it off????
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2011 on July 1st Letdown at The Spin
So, your saying it will be another painful year and in all probability # 6 with no playoffs. All I can say is what else is new. When Burke came in I touted him as the man to get the Leafs back into the top of the conference. Now 3 yrs in, I really don’t see much with the exception of he can’t seem to be able to manufacture a true NHL first line in his tenure here. I guess that is why he succeeded where there was already the nucleus of players?? Disappointing!
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2011 on July 1st Letdown at The Spin
Neil, Smooth move. I think it's over Burkes head. I'm truly surprised that the union hasn't put a cap on Burke's management team yet. The way it's going soon it will exceed the budget on players!!!
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2011 on Early Draft Day Stories at The Spin
John Argue, Bogoisan would be a perfect fit. As far as Smyth, that gives us a first line player, Wow finally, would have preferred him a couple of years ago when he was younger, but you know, beggers can't be choosers! Now off to see who is willing to trade a prospect for our first 3 drafts!! The funny thing some individuals feel that our prospects are much better than the other 29 teams. Based on the Marlies standings, I'm thinking not. That in addition to the fact Burke couldn't draft if his life depended on it means little or postive action during the weekend.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2011 on Early Draft Day Stories at The Spin
In addition, Kadri is yet untested and may or may not stick in the show. Armstrong is the worst grinder I have seen, a great guy, but you can only turtle so many times before your own team loses respect for you. Brent is a dime a dozen player. Gardiner may be NHL material, word on Colbourne is big and lazy and only plays when he wants to. Again these are not yet big league players, they are prospects. Your close on Komisarek, he is the highest paid D based on playing minutes. Not bad for a 6 or 7 D. Good luck ever moving him. So that being said, they have hopefully a decent goalie, a so-so D, their first line is made up of 2nd and 3rd line players who can’t score and you sit singing the praises of Burke asking why he is not thought of as the saviour of hockey in Toronto? Even the minor league Marlies have lost ground in the standings since he took over. Is there anything that hasn’t gotten worse since the Burke era began as far as the Leafs go? He’s even starting to make JFJ look good.
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2011 on Hockey Musings From Overseas at The Spin
Burke's performance is nothing short of embarrassing. He took over a team that finished out of the playoffs, and did a great job holding the status quo for 3 ys. His buddy Wilson was out of work for a reason. Yet he found sanctuary in Toronto where again, he was able to accomplish the status quo. Look at the numbers, the team has not moved 1 inch in the standings. In fact they had to rely on a JFJ draft pick to give them some hope in net. You can bow down to Burke all you want, you sound just like him, say a lot of nothing, then when it comes down to it no accountability, everyone else is wrong. You can cite all the changes you want, either you’re in the post season or you’re not. That is how winners gauge success!!
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2011 on Hockey Musings From Overseas at The Spin
Fonz, You really miss the point. It’s not so much Nationalism and even if it was it makes complete sense. Canada is the birth place of hockey, there are several well qualified Canadians who have NHL experience, actually one was just picked up by Ottawa. Gordon may have done well in NCAA, many times over I have seen successful collegiate coaches not as successful in the Pro’s. As far as why would I care? Maybe because I’m Canadian, that might have a little to do with it, maybe because the current management hasn’t had much success, you know little things like that. Then again you’ve been drinking the Burke Wilson Kool-Aid, so reality really is not really one of your strong points!
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2011 on Hockey Musings From Overseas at The Spin
Damien, Great article on the awards, got to agree that as usual some odd choices. Jagr has an inflated sense of worth and in no way is the K up to the NHL standard of play. Also I believe that this was an all time low for Russians since they came into the NHL, in fact how many were in the finals?? Burke once again leaves me scratching my head. This time thinking, although it was time for Hunter to go and Acton should have been gone years ago, again we bring in more Americans. I'm really surprised that we can't find 2 decent ass't coaches in Canada? Are the Leafs turning into the US hockey program? Burke really needs to understand what country he's in and that we are the hockey leaders of the world. Also I'm sick of hearing about what he's going to do before the draft. Heard it with Taveres, heard it last year and once again the media pushes out that Burke is all over a pre draft deal. The more he talks the less he does. All I can say about Giguere, your time has come, it was good career. Edmonton has the 1st overall again. From the finals in 2006 to first overall 2 yrs standing. Thinking of it in relative terms, they could be in the finals twice, while the Leafs, once again through poor drafting and management get to watch. The Leafs are the only original 6 team not to win the cup in the last 20 yrs. Either our turn is next, or we are the laughing stock of the league. Lastly, Toronto rated as the worst professional sports city? Is anyone really surprised other than Brian Burke?? Says they know nothing about hockey, well Brian, you have something in common with them. The pole is an objective rating, simply numbers that you feed in, are totalled and spit out the answer. Face it Brian, you are part of the worst sports franchise in North America. At least your #1 in something!!!
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2011 on Hockey Musings From Overseas at The Spin
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