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Oops, hit post too soon. Meant to comment that I don't find Silences at all spooky or heartless - I find it gentle and reflective, although not in a spineless way. It is pensive, yes, but feels as though it's pondering how best to make its own way, without pandering to other people's preferences. Which, I suppose, is speaking to me personally these days.
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2010 on Silences by Jacomo (1978) at Yesterday's Perfume
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(Lemming = the perfumista rush for a scent praised on a 'fume blog. Many's the scent I've developed a lemming for after reading some fine review...) When I first tried Silences - recommended to me personally by a friend who knew of my love for No. 19 - last fall, I didn't like it at all. At ALL! Unfriendly, sour, waspish... bleah. NO. But this spring, having spent several days wearing No. 19 and its almost-twin AG Heure Exquise in order to compare them, I picked up Silences again. And it worked. *Beautifully.* I didn't feel led to buy any HE, but I bought a bottle of Silences after spending only an afternoon with a sample of it. The rose is so clear, and the iris so gentle, and the whole thing greened up by galbanum and moss - I love it. Oddly, I love it better in humid weather, but I've noticed that anything vaguely chypre-ish seems to blossom for me in humidity, when it can seem mean to me in sunny weather. (BTW, this is Mals86 - I'm just using my wordpress acct to sign in these days instead of using the open ID.)
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2010 on Silences by Jacomo (1978) at Yesterday's Perfume
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Somehow I never smelled Paris when it was new, despite having been a teenager in the 80's. I didn't shop a lot in those days, not having enough money to and being unwilling to go stare at things I couldn't afford... if I had birthday money, I was at The Limited hoping for a sale. Then, too, for some reason Paris did not catch on with the popular girls at my high school, who were all wearing Giorgio. The rest of us were wearing Chloe, or Sand & Sable, or Exclamation, so when I did finally smell Paris (reformulated) last year, it smelled familiar. Of course, Exclamation was also composed by Ms. Grojsman, and they share some DNA. Paris is beautiful, of course, if a little loud for my taste. I prefer the springtime flankers, actually, as being less deafening, but I wear my LE Paris Pont des Amours with great pleasure. It does feel like an innocent romance in a bottle, or an enormous bouquet in your arms.
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Mar 19, 2010