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Jay Ell
I blog about musical shows, live music and random experiences.
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"goading the English with their impotence" ~ perhaps they wanted stiffer opposition.
I am pleased to hear this revival of South Pacific is doing so well. As for suggesting reasons why it is still so popular surely it is simpler to follow the lines from the song: "Who can explain it? Who can tell you why? Fools give you reasons, Wise men never try." However, this fool might suggest one reason is that during difficult times we often find comfort in nostalgia.
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I always enjoy reading your posts, even when they give one of my favourite musicals a 'kicking'! In defense of South Pacific I always feel that it is one of the R and H shows that was so much influenced in its construction by the original leading lady of Mary Martin. Like DNA this original influence affects it now for all subsequent revivals. Try looking at the show as two powerful middle-aged men (R and H) writing a show about a young woman falling in love with a powerful middle-aged man and not quite understanding the mechanics of it all (a theme they perfected by the time of 'The Sound of Music'). Whenever I see it again I find that thought helps (although it wouldn't explain the excess of whitening on the temples of the actor).
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My concern is that on the brief snatch of a song we heard, Johnny Depp's phrasing sounded like David Essex singing 'Hold Me Close'. Hope that was just due to the pitifully small selection we heard.
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In the UK Andrew Lloyd Webber is following up the first TV series of 'How Do We Solve A Problem Like Maria?' (which spawned the 'Grease' TV show in the US) with a search for a 'Joseph'. The show is called 'Any Dream Will Do' and starts at the end of this month. Auditions for this new series had three times as many people coming forward as the 'Maria' series. Has Sound of Music been on Broadway recently? If not, that could be one choice that might be a possibility.
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