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Yeh right, Songwriters do not get paid, we get robbed. Then a crook with the label comes in and puts together a composition of our song and calls himself the writer. The song is then handed to the performers or recording artist and they play it/record it and the label sells it. The song was originally stolen from a musician/songwriter in public via spy espionage into our homes through television and radio. Universal Music Group, Warner, and Sony groups are all organized crime in action protected by paid off government personnel who use the railroad as a terrorist weapon against anyone of us who object to being their robbed for life enslaved hostage. No, we did no wrong. They do this to us from birth and continue it for our entire lives. We never knew freedom, only tyranny from a people who picked us to sell for their gain. Since we object, they use it to turn others against us and the law threatens our lives if we seek justice. All truth which I am living and have lived for as long as I recall, even unto childhood.
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Nov 8, 2016