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@ Saxon. Linden Lab has shown again and again that it thinks it doesn't need the services of its residents. Yet where would SL be if tomorrow there were no events listed on the events listings and no user created content for sale and all freebie user content stopped being available? How many would log on, or come back. Somedays I think we should try to organize a virtual strike action of that nature.
I don't think it is the culture of entitlement so much that is grinding me down as some of the other things you mention. I feel that even more SL residents think of SL as a "game" and so nothing is "real" or worthy of respect. The level of civility seems to be declining. Why is this happening? My top two guesses are 1) a distinct change in the tone and content of SL marketing towards a lighter-weight, social media focus, and 2)the leaking of educators & non-profits out of SL who were civilizing influences and produced intellectually stimulating content-- discussions and lecture series -- that attracted and retained a more educated and thoughtful group of residents.
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Oct 6, 2011