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I agree that marriage is a state regulated issue, but at the same time, Article IV, Section 1 of the U. S. Constitution (known as the full faith and credit clause) requires that states respect the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of other states. Thus, we cannot say the federal government has no interest in this issue. This issue first came up with regard to mixed marriages. At one time, state law prohibited the intermarriage of blacks and whites, and some may even have prohibited the marriages of whites and Asians. Now the issue is homosexual marriages, but the principles are the same. If MA allows homosexual marriage, the VT must recognize that marriage even if the state of VT prohibits the marriage of queer men and women. Like the proverbial chain, the weakest link defines its overall strength.
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2010 on step-by-step on noiseless foot. at Big Girl Pants
I’m not qualified to say whether illegal aliens … or one in particular is good or bad. I’m not sure I think that such words have much value in a complex society. For example, I think a good person can do a bad thing. I think that people with good intention can break the law, and I think that good people can make a habit of breaking the law when society reinforces that there are no consequences for doing so. I also think that there can be unintended consequences, such as those produced by lenient societies and the concomitant increase in the flow of illegal aliens. I completely agree with your thesis, however … and add this: the American people are incapable of remembering anything for very long. They may have passionate views about illegal immigration … for ten or so minutes, and then it drops off the scope. Then they may be upset when the government takes over the automotive industry and turns GM over to union leaders —which lasts for another few minutes. And now the current crisis is health care, and most Americans don’t even know how badly they are being lied to. And they’ll grow bored with this and congress will do what it wants. So whether it is granting amnesty or tossing this entire country under the bus, Congress can never do it without a lethargic America. And that —they have.
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2010 on a disgrace of labor at Big Girl Pants
The issue here is not whether a black man can win election in Florida’s 22nd district; it is whether Colonel West can raise enough money to defeat a solidly placed democrat in predominantly democratic region of the state. You may recall the ‘hanging chads’ incident a few years back. These are resettled New York liberals who borderline on full acceptance of Marxist ideology. I support Colonel West and will continue to do my part to help him (although I reside in the 8th District and we have our own problems). I wish our democratic system wasn’t all about money —but it is. The Golden Rule is: Whoever has the gold wins. Semper Fi
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2009 on CHARGE!!! at Big Girl Pants
Excellent … and should anyone happen to think that all of what is happening in this country today is but a mere fluke of the times, think again. It is the design of leftists to provide us with 1984 … for real. And when it is done, Big Brother will turn to the enslaved and say to them, “You should have stopped me at the roll.” America is too strong to be defeated from without … it is too weak to prevent defeat from within.